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Survival, part 2

Tonight, the habs will have to survive in hostile territory.

Wait what? Hostile territory? But the game is in Montreal! They already survived in hostile territory last friday!

Well honestly, I think I’d be less stressed out if the game was in Washington. Habs are on a magnificent 6 game losing streak at home in the playoffs. They’ve played very well on the road but have been really crappy at home so far.

I know habs players keep on saying that the crowd is a huge boost in Montreal, but I think playing at the Bell Centre is really a double edged sword. It can provide a big spark, but I think it’s also a lot of pressure. In this series, Montreal fared very well when everyone expected them to lose, i.e. when the expectations and the pressure were more on Washington’s side. But when they were in a position to actually take the control of the series at home, they faltered a bit. Being the underdog road team can actually help, in a us-against-the-universe kind of way, and I think this is what the habs will be missing tonight.

Also, I think the caps were unfocused on friday, and I don’t see them having an off-night again tonight.

So realistically, I know I should prepare myself for the worse…

In case of a 2 on 1 with MAB on defense, brace for impact

And yet…. that’s not completely how I feel. In spite of everything, I’m still hopeful the habs can somehow prove everyone wrong and surprise the caps again.

I think if the Habs score first, everything is possible. Otherwise… well let’s not think about “otherwise”.


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The return of the Giant Foam 8 Kid

I don’t know if you remember, but on February 10, I posted this picture. It had been buried on my computer forever before that (It dates back to a game played around march 2009 I think).

Well guess who was back at the Verizon center on friday night?

Poor kid. He’s like “DAMN Dad, I TOLD you this was a bad idea and we’d never be able to remove those things…” I can’t imagine what life must be for a little kid with the head stuck in a giant foam 8.

But just imagine being in the train on your way home after a playoff loss, wearing this. Must feel great.

Go Habs Go.

Mock the Red


Tough one

Alright. That was a heartbreaking loss. The Habs played two great periods, collapsed in the third but hanged in there and regained the lead, only to allow Washington to come back again with less than 2 minutes to go. They really deserved better, and they were THIS close to leading the series 2-0. It’s really tough because now Washington has some momentum going into the Bell Centre, whereas the Habs have to get past the disappointment of that game.

This morning I saw a lot of habs fans complaining about the refs. For sure, the refs weren’t great last night, and they missed some key calls (the goalie interference on the 2nd caps goal, the highstick on Markov 15 seconds before the Caps tied the game for the last time). But there is no conspiracy. And the Habs shouldn’t have allowed the caps to come back twice when they had the game in hand.

Now it’s useless t think about what might have been if the habs had grabbed a 2-0 lead in the series.  Things are what they are. No one expected Montreal to sweep the series anyway, and being tied after the two games in Washington is really not that bad. This is now a best of 5 series, and the habs have their chances. It’s time to regroup and win Game 3. This will be the biggest game of the season. If the habs lose, it’s going to be REALLY tough to come back in this series. If they win, they get the momentum back and everything is possible again, with a second home game to play.  The Bell Centre is going to be insane tomorrow.


In other news, the Bulldogs are fantastic. Well that’s not news actually. Anyway, it’s great to have them on a day like this. As you probably know by now, they butchered some moose yesterday. 8-2. Awesome. I hope this somehow inspires the Habs.

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Ове́чкин is coming…

I just hope that kid was able to take that 8 off his head after that game.

This is a screen cap of the TSN highlights of a game between the Caps and the Hurricanes, last season. I’ve had this pic on my computer for months now. I’ve missed the opportunity to post it when the Caps still only had an 8 games winning streak. But the Habs play the Caps tonight, so that’s enough of a reason to post it. After all, the only 8 that really matters will be there…

I’m sorry for the Caps, they have a really sweet streak going on, but I hope it’ll somehow be shattered tonight.

Go habs go!

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Imperialist Americans take over hockey

Yesterday, America successfully claimed Canada’s national sport.

First, to send the message that the United States considered hockey theirs, the Washington Capitals defeated the Canadiens. Then, later in the night, a group of young imperialists sneakily won the World Junior Hockey Championship right in the heart of Saskatchewan, in front of thousands of stunned Canadians, thus bringing the entire country to its knees.

Resistance is futile, Canada.

But you still have curling, I guess.