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Damage control

After the Kovalchuk trade, GM Don Waddell published an open letter to the Atlanta fans on the Thrashers website.

You can read it here.

Thanks to some of my secret sources who hacked Waddell’s computer,  I’m now able to disclose 3 earlier drafts of this letter. The following is a Soft European exclusivity.

Version 1:

Letter to Fans from Don Waddell

Thursday, 02.04.2010 / 8:44 PM / News
Atlanta Thrashers

Don Waddell
Executive Vice President and General Manager
Atlanta Thrashers

That first draft was deemed interesting but for some reason, Waddell was advised to try to rework it and to use more words in order to appease the fanbase and to instill confidence back into the organization.

Version 2:

Letter to Fans from Don Waddell

Thursday, 02.04.2010 / 8:44 PM / News
Atlanta Thrashers

We’re screwed.

Thank you.

Don Waddell
Executive Vice President and General Manager
Atlanta Thrashers

This second draft was short and to the point, but apparently some guy in the PR department advised Waddell to elaborate a little on his feelings. So Don had to come up with another draft.

Version 3:

Letter to Fans from Don Waddell

Thursday, 02.04.2010 / 8:44 PM / News
Atlanta Thrashers

After several months of negotiations toward a long-term contract with forward Ilya Kovalchuk and his agent, we were unable to reach an agreement and elected to trade Kovalchuk and defenseman Anssi Salmela to the New Jersey Devils in exchange for Johnny Oduya, Niclas Bergfors, Patrice Cormier and a first round draft pick in 2010.

We want you, our fans, to know that throughout the negotiation process, the Thrashers organization remained committed to offering Ilya a contract that exceeded those of the league’s best and highest paid players, and was commensurate to his skill level and performance history.

To that end, we offered that bastard $101 fucking million.

If we had satisfied Kovy’s insane greed, we would have had to play 20 AHL guys to stay under the freaking cap for the next decade. At the end of the day, we couldn’t close that gap and simply reached a point at which we couldn’t reasonably go any higher.

Just like you, we have no idea who the three guys we got are. We hope that Johnny and Niclas will quickly complement our team of budding young stars, highly-skilled veterans and elite players. We also look forward to having Patrice join us, as soon as he’s released from jail. Our goals for this season have not changed—to make and advance as deep as possible in the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs—and we move ahead with a new sense of purpose that is energized by our continued climb in the standings as we position ourselves to compete with the best in the NHL.

Just kidding. We’re doomed.

We will maintain the option of bringing in more players that you don’t know, in addition to the ones that we have acquired in the trade, to make sure that we are fully unnoticeable for the remainder of the season and the postseason.

Fuck you Ilya. Break a leg at the Olympics. Literally. And we thank you, for your continued support, and look forward to your enthusiastic presence in Blueland to help drive us into the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

(Just kidding again.)

Don Waddell
Executive Vice President and General Manager
Atlanta Thrashers

Apparently, by this time, the PR department told Don it was perfect, and they would just “edit some typos” out of the text before publishing it. This is clearly what they did.

I think it’s always interesting to get a behind the scenes look at how NHL teams communicate with their fans. I’m glad we had that opportunity today.


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A dramatic recap

A local theatre company generously agreed to provide us with a very quick recap of the Habs first home win of the season. I hope you’ll enjoy their vivid performance.


– 1 minute into the game, Bergeron takes a penalty

– Kovalchuk gets a breakaway

– After 1 period of domination, the habs are only up by one goal

– Ondrej Pavelec is a beast

– Habs win in the shootout!

– Wait, there are 74 more games like that until april?!

(Oh, and I think the happy guy in the bottom is Chris Pronger’s father. Who knew he played theatre?)


RDS is reporting that he left Hamilton yesterday with his belongings, and was suspended again by the habs.

Let’s have a little recap of the Sergei K situation:


– Sergei is demoted, but refuses to go to Hamilton.

– He asked for a trade.

– A week of conflicting reports follows.

– He changes his mind and goes to Hamilton

– He plays well with the Hammies, and people are starting to think he should be called up to replace Patches soon!

– He left Hamilton and is suspended again.

Geez, this theatre company is FANTASTIC, they can play everything, I’m going to hire them permanently for the blog!

Seriously, about Kostitsyn, if the reports are true, it’s definitely over for him in Montreal, and possibly in the nhl. What a shame…

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Recap of the Atlanta game


No one saw it. I’m not sure the game even took place. I don’t want to mention it.

Playing with fire

playing with fire

Yesterday, Montreal played 59 minutes of good hockey, and let Atlanta score three time in the remaining time of the game. Like the game against the Islanders last week, this is a game they should have won easily. The habs dominated the thrashers during the two first periods, scoring three unanswered goals. The new lines seemed to work: D’Agostini got his first nhl goal, Koivu and Kovalev had two points each, Plekanec scored a nice goal, Andrei Kost had a 3 points night.

But there was this weird minute. A bad line change, a PP goal, and a thrid goal only 7 seconds later… Ouch! Once again, the team confidence is obviously still fragile after a difficult stretch of games in November. I’m an optimistic guy, so I want to see this bad minute as one of the last manifestations of this fragile confidence. The fact that the team did not completely choke after allowing those three goals is something positive.

gorges-scoresCurious Gorges: 1 Assist


Also playing with fire: Sean Avery.

I won’t be too long on that one, since virtually avery single hockey blog spoke about his suspension.

I dont give a shit

His quote was moronic, and it’s just another manifestation of his complete lack of class. I also understand that the league is probably fed up with his antics, like most of the fans are. I’m just not sure Avery’s comments can really damage the league reputation that much. Everyone who follows hockey knows what kind of player Avery is. As far as I know, the nhl doesn’t really have a history of terribly controversial or offensive quotes. When the nhl image takes a hit, it’s usually after an ugly on-ice incident.

Some believe that the nhl suspended Avery precisely to avoid such an incident. If this is the case, then fine, that was the right thing to do. But that’s not what the nhl said. What they said was more like “Shut up Sean, you’re just embarrassing yourself, and the rest of the league.” The rest of the Stars, yeah, probably. The rest of the league? I don’t think so.

Anyway, honestly, I won’t lose any sleep over it. If you want to read more on this, Ken Campbell, from The Hockey News, wrote the most interesting article I read today.

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Carbo, Jongliermeister

I’m sorry for the lack of updates on the blog. I’ve been awfully busy for the last few days, and it’s not gonna get any better until next week. It’s not too bad though, because the habs haven’t played since their win over Buffalo last saturday, so I haven’t missed a lot of action.


Tonight, Montreal will face Atlanta at the Bell Center. And Carbonneau decided it’s time for another line shuffling. So, according to RDS, here are the lines for tonight’s game:

Tanguay – Plekanec – Kostopoulos
A. Kostitsyn – Koivu – D’Agostini
Higgins – Lang – Kovalev
Begin – Lapiere – Laraque

Learn to compose your lines like a professional coach!

Oh boy… So, Latendresse, Sergei Kost and O’Byrne are scratched. Dandenault will play on D. It’ll be interesting to see how Tanguay and Pleks play together. D’Agostini had a good game against the sabres, and his line will be pretty funny to watch. Kovy is on the third line. This is a statement, and I hope he’ll take it as a good kick in the ass. Carbo also hopes that he and Lang can find back the magic from their Pittsburgh days.

Well, to be honest, I have no clue how this will turn out. So, let’s find another way to assess Montreal chances versus Atlanta. How about a mascots duel? Well yeah, sure, but it’s pretty unoriginal, you say. Agreed. So… how about an OLYMPIC mascots duel? Hmmmm, now we’re talking!

izzyAtlanta 96: Izzy


Montréal 76: Amik


Amik is a beaver, obviously. Izzy is… a Whatizit, i.e. an “amorphous abstract fantasy figure”. Amik wins.


Amik means beaver in “Indian language” according to the IOC. Izzy is a short version of Whatizit. Tie.


Amik is pretty boring. Izzy is fucking ugly. But he has sneakers. I guess that counts for something. Izzy wins.

Well, it’s a tie. If they go to the shootout, I tink Amik wins, because Izzy has a bigger five hole. And you didn’t think I’d let this monstrosity prevail, did you?

(By the way, I found probably the greatest website ever while looking for Izzy pictures: Izzypins, a site detailing the amazing 700 Izzy pins collection of an Izzy fan. Absolutely awesome.)

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