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Patches in Montreal

I hope he brought his helicopter with him.

This is a screencap from a video I saw on the Bulldogs website (it’s the one called “My favourite thing with Max  Pacioretty and Aaron Palushaj”). I found it pretty amusing. Especially the part where Palushaj screams “AAAH! AAAH! SANTA! WHERE’S SANTA?!” when he first sees the toys. What an actor.

Anyway, I hope for Pacioretty that his stay in Montreal will be better than the last one. I’ve got to say I’m a bit disappointed for David Desharnais at the same time. He can’t seem to get his chance… Called up for one day in Toronto, watched the game from the ACC press box, and returned to Hamilton the next day, just to see Max get called up. That has to suck. I realize the Habs probably don’t want to play with 3 smallish C’s (Pleky, Gomer and Desharnais), but I thought they might want to give him a chance while Gomez is out. It would have been a nice scenario for him… :/

And yes I’m a bit upset for the Bulldogs, but well that’s the way it is…


So long, Coach.

I just want to write a little bit about Guy Boucher’s apparent departure from Hamilton to Tampa.

It is obviously a big loss for the franchise. Sure, as of today I have coached the exact same number of nhl games as Boucher, but he’s indeed a very promising coach. His departure led some people to lament about the facts that the habs let him go, and that we are now stuck with Martin for the foreseeable future. An article on All Habs, a blog I usually enjoy reading, caught my attention for this reason. You can read it here.

This annoyed me a little, and I’m writing this because as much as I like blaming the habs when things go wrong, I think in this case they can’t really be faulted.

What exactly were they supposed to do?

– They couldn’t give an nhl job to Boucher a year ago. He had not coached in professional hockey so far, so that would have been a huge gamble. Besides, at the time, the habs were clearly looking for a veteran coach, after not so successful attempts with Julien and Carbonneau.

– They can’t offer him a position with the habs now. Say what you want about Martin (and I’m not his most passionate defender), but there is no way the habs fire him now. He got a 4 year contract a year ago (and that would have been the same if the habs had picked another candidate last season: no veteran coach would have accepted a one year deal), and given his profile it would have taken a huge failure to let him go just after one season. The habs did not have a great regular season, far from it. But they did make the playoffs. And then we all know what happened. Martin may have been a bit lucky (although I think he does deserve at least some credit for his team’s performance), but the habs ended up in the final four. They are simply not in a position to make a coaching change right now.

– Offering Boucher an assistant coach job in Montreal now made no sense. Martin and Boucher have very different approaches to coaching, and I don’t think having them work together in Montreal would have been very profitable for either of them, or for the team.

– They couldn’t prevent him from talking to other teams or accepting an nhl job elsewhere. That would obviously be completely counterproductive. If you do that, not only you make sure Boucher will go away as soon as his contract is done, but you also paint yourself as an organization with little respect for its employees.

The habs actually did the right thing. That was a year ago. They managed to lure him into the organization with their ahl team. Then they gave him the best possible environnment to work with, something he repeatedly thanked them for. Then they could just hope that this would be enough to create some sense of loyalty, and to give him enough reasons to stay with the Bulldogs until a position would open in Montreal.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened. Other coaching positions opened in the nhl before, and teams were interested by Boucher. You can’t blame Tampa or Columbus. You can’t blame Boucher. But I don’t think the habs should be blamed either. This is just unfortunate.

I’ll miss your pregame radio interviews with Flandersdude, Coach. Good luck and don’t forget your sun lotion.

Hey, Columbus!

Keep your hands off our Coach!

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I’m back! (at least for now…)

Alright. Sorry I’m not updating this blog these days. As I said, it’s not the easiest period for me. And the habs are not inspiring me AT ALL. However, since I’ve not written in a long time, I have lots of stuff to say today, so this is going to be a messy post going in all directions.

This is still technically a habs blog, so let’s start with Montreal.

My god the last week has been ugly. In the span of 2 weeks I went from “excited about the playoffs and the possibility of facing the Sabres” to “annoyed as hell at the habs lack of willingness to clinch”, and ended up “stressed out because these assholes were about to choke and actually miss the whole thing in the most humiliating way”. So I guess this morning I’m a little relieved. But just a little. We don’t know yet who they’ll play in the first round. It can still be the Sabres but it’s getting unlikely, it can be the Devils, or the Caps. If the habs had not been stupid, they would have grabbed that 6th spot easily and we wouldn’t be worrying about the Caps.

But I don’t care too much about our opponent. Those 3 teams are very good, and it’s going to be tough anyway. The issue I have is momentum. For once, at some point it looked like for once the Habs might get into the playoffs with lots of momentum, which seems pretty crucial if you hope to pull a big upset. So it’s a little annoying to see them limping into the playoffs, pretty much like last year (although it’s a little less ugly, I’ll admit it).

Anyway, the thing is, I’ve never been this indifferent to the habs coming into the playoffs. Even last year, when I knew they didn’t have a chance against the Bruins, I was more pumped up. Maybe it has to do with my overall state of mind these days (i.e. depressed and stressed out by non hockey stuff), but I feel like I’m not really into the Habs right now.

So let’s switch to a sdifferent topic: the wonderful HAMILTON BULLDOGS!

The more depressing and boring the habs season went, the more I turned my attention to their AHL affiliate. And thank God for the Hammies. As you already know, they’ve had a fantastic regular season. It’s now playoffs time for them too, and they’ll face…. the Manitoba Moose.


Beware Moose, Guy is out there to get you.

And he’s trained all his players too. Look, they already have their hunter camouflage equipment:

David Desharnais

Brrrrrrrrrrrock Trotter

Cedrick Desjardins

And of course…


(Those pictures all come from an incredible gallery of hockey people all wearing this ridiculous tuque. It includes players from the nhl, the ahl and the Q, and some retired hockey legends too. It can be found here)


Alright, here’s one LAST thing that I found funny today. You may know that yesterday, Evander Kane destroyed Matt Cooke with a big punch. The youtube video is here. The only reason I mention this is because I loved the hypocrisy of the announcers. They go literally like this: “And you don’t like to see that. No, no, you don’t. And here’s the replay…”

I think this sums up pretty well the issue of violence in hockey! ;D

That’s it for today. I’ll try to post a little playoff preview this week. It’ll probably look just like last season, because it’s pretty easy to do this way!

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Some Bulldogs love

This post is just to share an article posted on the AHL website about the great season the Bulldogs are having.

Here is the article.

It’s really refreshing to see the Hammies having this kind of success. Of course, the past showed us that a successful AHL team doesn’t necessarily translate into a successful NHL team a few seasons later. When Hamilton won the Calder Cup in 2007, everyone was pretty excited about the habs future. Those promises have not really materialized into fantastic results for Montreal over the last 3 seasons, so let’s not get too carried away as habs fans.

But anyway, as a Bulldogs fan too, this season is still very enjoyable.  Guy Boucher has done a tremendous job there for his first season in professional hockey. I used to be first and foremost a Habs fan, and even if I was happy when the Dogs were winning, I barely checked their results regularly. But a meh Habs season added to a very exciting Hammies campaign changed my perspective! I’m getting addicted, and I can’t wait for their playoffs to start.


By the way, apparently, Gregory Stewart was loaned by the Bulldogs to the Chicago Wolves today. The Habs still have his rights.

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Pendant ce temps, à Hamilton…

While the habs are busy playing .500 hockey, there are some other guys that need some recognition. The Hamilton Bulldogs. They’re having a great season, and their recent streak is very very impressive.

There’s one guy in particular who needs major props among the Bulldogs: Cedrick Desjardins. The young goalie is having an unbelievable month.

He allowed only 2 goals over the last 7 games (although he played only part of two of those games). Here are his numbers over that stretch:

Save %: ,985
Goals against average: 0,344
Shutouts: 3

If he hadn’t allowed a goal last wednesday, he would have had 4 shutouts in a row.

Just incredible.

IMG_0359(picture taken by EP)

Following the Bulldogs is a little more complicated for me than following the Habs, because I can rarely see them play, and staying up that late to listen to a radio feed is a little too much. But the few times I’ve listened to them, I enjoyed it. It’s nice to read about them and to see them doing well, especially when the Habs are struggling. But now I’m starting to like the Bulldogs regardless of the Habs. I mean, at first I was happy when they were winning because it’s a good sign for the Habs’ future. But now I’m just happy for Hamilton.

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