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Forbidden Love

love canes

I never thought I’d ever they that, but here it is: Canes, you won my heart. What a playoff run! This is exactly what playoffs are supposed to be about: Hot hot hot goaltending, a miracle game 7 win, hardwork, a crazy crowd, an unlikely hero scoring crucial goals game after game (Jussi was the right Jokinen to go after before the trade deadline, Calgary!), and the now very real possibility of a big upset. And you are on the brink of eliminating THE FREAKING BRUINS! How could I not love you?!

To me, the Bruins/Hurricanes series looks quite similar to the Habs/Flyers series of last season. The Bruins are overall a better team, like the Habs probably were, but they are a little overconfident, like the habs were, they can’t solve a hot goalie, like the habs couldn’t solve Biron, and they are too slow to realize what’s happening to them. The scenario has been the same in those two series: the Bruins won the first one, and then lost 3 in a row. And when I look at the reactions of some Bruins fans on the Internet, it pretty much sounds like what we were saying last season: “This just can’t be. They will turn this around. The Canes are not good enough. We just need to go back to what we did right during the season.” This is disbelief, with a touch of delusion. And I looove it. Muahahahaha!

To stay on the topic of love, I’m leaving you right now to catch a train to go to a friend’s wedding this afternoon. I won’t be back before monday. (I’ll actually be back sunday night, but I’ll probably be exhausted and still half drunk, so I’ll wisely try to stay away from my keyboard.) Anyway, have a great weekend!


2 minutes for shooting oneself in the foot


Heeey Macarena!

Interference, hooking, slashing, tripping, tripping, hooking, boarding, hooking, holding the stick, tripping, and slashing.

That’s 11 penalties in a row for Montreal, including two or three 5 on 3. Let’s be clear, I’m not blaming the refs, I’m blaming the habs. It’s just ridiculous to be this indisciplined. I’ve not seen the game, but from what I’ve read this morning, Montreal actually played a good game. Carbo even said it was one of the best games the teams had played in a while. It makes the 11 penalties and the loss even harder to swallow.

The only good thing of the night: Kovy finally scored a goal. That’s not a lot to be happy about.

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Back to hockey

I promised this blog would get back to hockey today, so here we are.

Sooo, let’s look at this mess. I leave for 3 days, after a nice win over the Flames, and this is what I find when I come back?? Two losses, Price and Koivu hurt, Higgins out for up to 5 weeks, Komisarek still out, Dandenault with a broken arm? Are you kidding me?

Allright, so I guess all my little optimism about the team slowly building back its confidence looks obsolete now. Well, it’s still a long season, so relax everyone, let’s not get too depressed. This is one of the things I like about following the habs from a country where virtually no one cares: it’s really easier no to get completely hysterical after a few bad (or good) results. The woes of my favourite team are not continually displayed on tv, on the radio, and in the newspapers. If I meet my friends, I’m sure hockey will not be a topic of conversation. It’s just easy to escape it when I want. Of course, sometimes it’s a bit frustrating, because I’d like to share the excitation, or the joy after a great win. But it’s also a great feeling to be the only one smiling in the metro early in the morning, because you’ve just read before leaving home  that your team got a big win during the night. This little lonely euphoria, that you know nobody feels amongst the thousands of people you see in the metro and the streets is a great feeling. It’s like a little secret, it makes you feel pretty special.

Well, I really digressed here, but my point was, I just don’t feel too bad for the canadiens right now.

They’re facing the Hurricanes tonight. In Carolina. After seven games in a row at the bell centre, I think this litle trip is welcomed. It may give a chance to the team to regroup, and reinforce their cohesion. It’s also never bad to be away from Montreal, the media, and the passion, when the team is going through rough times.

What can we expect tonight? As you know, Montreal is having injuries problems. According to Mike Boone from HI/O, here are the lines:

Tanguay – Lang – Kovalev
Latendresse – Plekanec – S. Kostitsyn
A. Kostitsyn – Maxwell – D’Agostini
Begin – Lapierre – Kostopoulos

Bouillon – O’Byrne
Hamrlik – Brisebois
Markov – Gorges

Halak will be in the nets.

The D is okay I guess, since it’s basically the same we’ve seen for the last few weeks, except for Dandy. On offense, the Tanguay Lang Kovy line remains intact. It’s good to see Carbo not totally shuffling the lines again. The 4th line is pretty usual as well. The 2nd and 3rd lines are distrubed by the absences of Higgins and Koivu. Maxwell has pretty bg shoes to fill, playing in the spot of Koivu.

Carolina is not in a great shape either. They’ve already lost 8 games at home. Their PP is as pathetic as the one of Montreal: 13,2% for the Canes, and 13% for the Habs.


I think it’s a good occasion to say a word about the Whalers. They were already gone to Carolina when I really began to follow hockey, so I don’t feel any nostalgia about them. But I must say I love their HW logo, the touch of political incorrectness that comes with being named after something as controversial as whale hunting, the cute Pucky,and Brass Bonanza.

So here’s a little tribute:

It’s always sad to see a team leave its town, and that’s something I really have a hard time understanding, as a European fan. I know professional sports operate under a different business model in North America, but I’ve always been shocked by the coldness of the decision to move a team, especially as it’s almost always a move dictated by the greed of the owners.

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It’s clearly time for a good old pagan sacrifice

First things first, there was a game tuesday night in Carolina.

Here’s the recap.


worth a thousand words

I wanted to make a nice summary of the game, but then I found this picture of Plekanec and Ruutu on Habs inside/out, and suddenly there’s not much else I can say that hasn’t already been said. The face of the guy with the blue jacket in the background sums it up nicely.


More importantly, I feel like I have to adress a crucial point today: the curse of Gorges

Josh Gorges may very well be my favorite hab. I tend to like the players that go relatively unnoticed, those who have to fight to keep their spott on the team, the unlikely heroes. Gorges is the perfect example of this. He was one of the feel-good stories of the last season. He arrived in Montreal as a part of the trade that sent Rivet to the sharks in 2007. Last year, he wasn’t supposed to play much but his work and his consistency slowly made him an important part of the team, on and off the ice. Because off the ice, Gorges really seems to be a fun guy. He’s always smiling, often joking, and some of his interviews let appear a slightly self depreciating humor that I really like. I also suspect he’s BFF with Price, which can only reinforce his presumption of awesomeness.

And last but not least, since day one something is very obvious to me:




Josh Gorges is the hockey incarnation of Curious George.

But there is something wrong with Curious Gorges. He doesn’t score. At all. In 86 games with the Canadiens, he has 12 assists, and zero goal. So Tom Kostopoulos and Price had a little discussion about it, and tried to solve the mystery. Kostopoulos came up with the obvious explanation: “He thinks my stick is cursed and that’s why I haven’t been able to put the puck in the net,” Gorges said to the Montreal Gazette.

So they decided it was time for a sacrifice, to appease the Hockey Gods. Yesterday, Price and Kostopoulos actually cut Gorges stick into pieces, and “then placed the pieces at each corner of the rink at the RBC Centre in an attempt to break the curse.”

We’ll see how it goes, and if the Hockey Gods are now satisfied, but I think it was more than time for the players to take things into their hands. Next time, I would just suggest them not to forget to burn Latendresse devil-possessed skates, and to put some garlic into O’Byrne’s jockstrap (he may not be cursed, but hilarity should ensue).

Aujourd’hui: Fast and Cheap

Aujourd’hui, un post rapide et cheap…

Ca fait même pas trois jours que le blog est lancé, et j’ai déjà du mal à poster régulièrement… ça promet!

Sérieusement, voilà juste quelques mots sur l’état du tricolore avant de partir bosser. J’ai seulement regardé une partie du match contre St Louis, et ça n’était pas brillant. Je suis plutôt surpris qu’ils s’en soient tirés avec 2 points, parce que ça paraissait mal engagé. Le PP est vraiment horrible ces temps ci, comme n’importe quel fan des habs le sait douloureusement. Je ne vous apprends donc pas grand chose.  Ce qui m’a marqué, c’est le peu de chances de marquer des Canadiens. Le match de dimanche n’était pas horrible, Montréal a passé la plupart du temps en possession de la rondelle, mais ces temps ci, les Canadiens font paraître n’importe quel gardien de second rang comme un futur membre du temple de la renommée. Après Biron à Montréal, Legace a eu l’air infranchissable pendant toute une partie du match dimanche. Jusqu’à ce qu’il laisse passer un tir mou de Kostitsyn, montrant ainsi qu’il n’était franchement pas imbattable.

Comme je suis d’un naturel optimiste, je ne suis pas catastrophé par la situation de l’équipe. Après les performances désastreuses de Toronto et Boston, l’équipe a quand même un peu resserré les rangs en défense. C’est surtout l’attaque qui fait défaut ces temps ci. Mais le talent est clairement là devant. Montréal n’a perdu aucun élément de poids dans ce domaine depuis la saison dernière, au contraire, l’arrivée de Tanguay a clairement été un succès, et a même aidé Koivu à connaitre un de ses meilleurs débuts de saison depuis pas mal d’anées. Il n’y a donc aucune raison de croire que les buts ne vont ps revenir. A condition que la ligne de Kovy, Pleks et Kost se remette à fonctionner.

Voilà, désolé, pas de blagues ce matin, je n’ai pas trop le temps de me creuser la tête, je devrais déjà être parti…

Ce soir:

Les Canadiens se déplacent en Caroline.

Prédiction: Canadiens 3-2 en OT.

(mes prédictions sont, comme vous avez pu le voir jusqu’ici, particulièrement fiables. Enfin en même temps, c’est pas comme si mon argent ou ma crédibilité étaient en jeu…)

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