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I should have done this a bit earlier, but it’s not too late: here are the final results of your favorite playoffs predictions contest:

For the last round:

It was 15 points if you guessed Pittsburgh, and 5 more points if you said it would go to 7 games. Here is what we predicted:

Patty: Pittsburgh in 6

Pookie: Detroit in 6

Shan: Detroit in 7

EP: Pittsburgh in 7

Grrrreg: Detroit in 7

So, here are the scores for the final round:

Grrrreg, Shan and Pookie scored a magnificent 0 points. Patty scored 15 points, and EP beat us all with 20 points.

There was also a 10 points bonus if someone had continously picked the future Stanley Cup champion. Patty is the only one who did that, so she gets 10 points. Congrats!

At the beginning of this thing, I also asked you  3 bonus questions (for 4 points each):

  1. Who will win the Conn Smythe Trophy? Answer: Malkin
  2. How many goals are gonna be scored in the cup clinching game (OT included)? Answer: 3
  3. What color will be the psychedelic suit worn by Don Cherry for “Coach’s Corner” during the first game of the Finals? Answer: black (and white)

cherry final

Here are the results for this: We all completely failed, and recorded a wonderful collective score of zero…

Soooooo, it’s time for my super computer to compile all of those scores, and to come up with the FINAL STANDINGS…


Go ahead, computer!

*makes all sorts of mechanical sounds, buzzes, smokes, beeps*

*prints a huge results sheet*

Thanks, computer!

5th place:  Shan, with 40 points. After a strong start in the first round, Shan completely choked and didn’t record a single point in the last 3 rounds. It sounds a little like the habs (well, they didn’t exactly have a great first round either actually…)

4th place: EP, with 67 points. After a shaky start, EP leapfrogged Shan thanks to a great finish. Bravo! (Although I’m sure she would have preferred to be wrong on that final prediction)

3rd place: Pookie with 74 points. A very solid contest, and a well deserved spot on the podium…

And now, roll drum…

2nd place: Grrrreg with 87 points. The red wings completely failed me, after 3 very promising rounds (and widespread suspicions that I rigged the contest). Which brings us to…

Your 2009 predictions champ: Patty with 88 points! Wow, what a finish… Patty was dead last after one round, but she completely turned things around, and she beat everyone thanks to her constant faith in the Penguins. Brilliant!

It is my pleasure to give Patty her well deserved crown of laurels, and her trophy:


You can now engrave your name on it.

Thank you all for playing! It was fun to organize, and I hope we can do it again next season (so that I can finally get that freaking plastic star that Patty stole me…) Now it’s truly the off season!

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Contest update

I should have done that a few days ago: here is an update on the prediction contest.

Round 3 results:

A correct prediction was worth 10 points, with 5 more points for the series lenght.

EP: Chicago in 7, Pittsburgh in 6. Round 3: 10pts. Total: 47

Pookie: Detroit in 4, Pittsburgh in 6. Round 3: 20pts. Total: 74

Patty: Chicago in 7, Pittsburgh in 6. Round 3: 10pts. Total: 63

Grrrreg: Detroit in 5, Pittsburgh in 7. Round 3: 25pts. Total: 87

Shan: no predictions for round 3. Total: 40

Oh yeah, it sure looks like I’m about to get my name engraved on that plastic trophy!


Aaand, here are the Stanley Cup Final predictions:

Patty: Pittsburgh in 6

Pookie: Detroit in 6

Shan: Detroit in 7

EP: Pittsburgh in 7

Grrrreg: Detroit in 7

And finally, we now have the answer to the bonus question about Don Cherry’s suit colour for Game 1 of the Final:

cherry final

I expected something a little crazier. Black and white it is.

Again, thanks for participating!

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3rd round predictions, and a bit of whining

This is just a quick post to show you the entries for the 3rd round of our little predictions contest.

EP: Chicago in 7, Pittsburgh in 6

Pookie: Detroit in 4, Pittsburgh in 6

Patty: Chicago in 7, Pittsburgh in 6

Grrrreg: Detroit in 5, Pittsburgh in 7

Unfortunately, Shan did not submit his predictions for this round. Maybe he was too ashamed after his collapse in the 2nd round…


I know I promised a recap of the Eurovision Song Contest (even if no one asked for it), I’ll try to write it soon, but I have a very busy week, my computer is not really working these days, and I’m sick as a dog. It feels like someone is continuously playing bongos in my head. (Semin, stop it!) It’s only tuesday, but this week is already completely shitty.


Anyway, all this whining was just a way to tell you that you probably won’t hear a lot from me in the next few days…

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Predictions contest: after 2 rounds…

chara hurricanes

Hurricanes are sometimes powerful enough to move very heavy objects.

After a wild second round, it’s time to recap the scores.

For this round, picking the series winner was worth 7 points, and guessing the lenght of the series was worth an additional 5 points.

EP Bruins in 5 0 Shan Bruins in 7 0
Caps in 7 0 Caps in 7 0
Wings in 6 7 Ducks in 7 0
Canucks in 7 0 Canucks in 7 0
Round 2 7 Round 2 0
total 37 total 40
~~~~ ~~~~
Patty Canes in 7 12 Grrrreg Bruins in 6 0
Pens in 6 7 Pens in 7 12
Wings in 5 7 Ducks in 7 0
Hawks in 7 7 Canucks in 6 0
Round 2 33 Round 2 12
total 53 total 62
Pookie Bruins in 7 0
Pens in 6 7
Wings in 5 7
Canucks in 5 0
Round 2 14
total 54

With 33 points, Patty is the big winner of round 2. Congrats, that Hurricanes in 7 prediction was brilliant! Shan could really have scored big points if the the various games 7 had gone his way, but in the end, he lost ground on everyone… And EP, it’s time to wake up! ;)

I’m waiting for your round 3 predictions. This time, picking a series winner is worth 10 points, and guessing the correct lenght of each series will earn you 5 more points, as usual. Good luck!


Speaking about predictions, tomorrow night is one of the most exciting nights of the year. It’s the Eurovision song contest! WOOOOOOOOOOO! I just can’t wait. Obscure singers from Ukraine, Turkey, Estonia, Albania or Bulgaria competing for the trophy, terribly kitsch songs (often sung in the language of the singers), improbable costumes and hairdos, crazy dance moves, and a lot of suspense. Europe at its finest. This is just the best thing ever invented. I promise I’ll do a recap afterwards.

But let it be said right now: France is NOT winning this thing. They sent Patricia Kaas, in the hope that a famous singer  (famous in some European countries, that is) could get more votes. There is no chance this will work. The last winners have been either singers from former communist countries, or singers with a crazy concept (like the unforgettable Lordi from Finland) Kaas will sing a boring and unoriginal ballad, which sorely lacks humor. The French people selecting her apparently really didn’t get the spirit of the Eurovision contest. I’d actually be glad if Patricia Kaas fails, because I feel it’s way more fun to send someone nobody knows than an established star.

Anyway, I can’t leave you without reposting the video of my favourite entry from last year: Latvia. They didn’t win, but it’s a shame because to me, this is EXACTLY what Eurovision is all about:

With a hi hi ho and a hi hi hey!

The Soft Euro Playoff Contest: First round results!

The first round has now ended, and it’s time to look back on our predictions, and how it really went…

Just to remind you, correctly picking the winner of a series was worth 5 points, and guessing the correct length of the series too was worth an additional 5 points.

(I’m sorry if that’s not really easy to read, I struggled a bit to post tables here…)

Prediction Pts Prediction Pts
EP Bruins in 5 5 Patty Bruins in 6 5
Caps in 5 5 Caps in 5 5
Devils in 6 0 Devils in 7 0
Pens in 6 10 Pens in 7 5
Sharks in 6 0 Sharks in 4 0
Wings in 6 5 Blue Jackets in 6 0
Canucks in 5 5 Blues in 6 0
Flames in 7 0 Hawks in 5 5
30 20
~~~ ~~~
Shan Bruins in 6 5 Pookie Bruins in 5 5
Caps in 4 5 Caps in 7 10
Canes in 7 10 Canes in 5 5
Pens in 6 10 Pens in 5 5
Sharks in 6 0 Sharks in 5 0
Wings in 5 5 Wings in 5 5
Blues in 7 0 Canucks in 4 10
Hawks in 7 5 Flames in 7 0
40 40
Grrrreg Bruins in 7 5
Caps in 5 5
Canes in 7 10
Pens in 6 10
Sharks in 6 0
Wings in 5 5
Canucks in 4 10
Hawks in 5 5

Yeah, I’m first. I would like to officially deny the unfounded allegations that this contest is completely rigged. I’m winning because I’m good, and that’s the only reason! :)

Good luck for the second round, and don’t forget what we’re fighting for:


Oh my precious virtual little golden plastic star…

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The Soft Euro playoffs contest: The picks

I just have time to post the playoffs predictions of those who sent me their picks to play in the Soft Euro playoffs prediction contest. We’re only 5 participants, but that’s clearly the cream of the crop, so it’s all good!

The fabulous EP‘s picks:

Bruins/Canadiens : Bruins in… 5 (I’m so sorry Habs…. *hugs them*)
Capitals/Rangers : Caps in 5
Devils/Hurricanes: Devils in 6
Penguins/Flyers : Penguins in 4 or 7 depending on Biron… I’ll say 6 *g*

Sharks/Ducks : Sharks in 6
Red Wings/Jackets : Wings in 6
Canucks/Blues : Canucks in 5
Hawks/Flames : Flames in 7

1. Conn Smythe? Better not be Joe Thornton. EW! Uh, I’ll say Ovechkin. What? It’s a crapshoot question that requires a crapshoot answer =D
2. Number of goals scored in the cup-clinching game? 5
3. Color of Don Cherry’s jacket on coach’s corner, during the first game of the finals? Puke coloured

Shan’s picks:

Boston-Montreal : Boston in 6
Washington-NYR : Washington in 4
NJ-Carolina : Carolina in 7
Pittsburgh-Philadephia : Pittsburgh in 6

San Jose-Anaheim : San Jose in 6
Detroit-Colombus : Detroit in 5
Vancouver-St. Louis : St. Louis in 7
Chicago-Calgary: Chicago in 7

1. Johan Franzen
2. 6 goals
3. Red

Patty‘s picks:

Boston-Montreal — Boston (6)
Washington-NY — Washington (5)
NJ-Carolina — New Jersey (7)
Pittsburgh-Philadelphia — Pittsburgh (7)

San Jose-Anaheim — San Jose (4)
Detroit-Columbus — Columbus (6)
Vancouver-St. Louis — St. Louis (6)
Chicago-Calgary — Chicago (5)

1. Sidney Crosby
2. 4 goals
3. Puce

Pookie‘s picks:

Boston-Montreal: Boston in 5
Washington-New York: Washington in 7
New Jersey-Carolina: Carolina in 5
Pittsburgh-Philadelphia: Pittsburgh in 5

San Jose-Anaheim: SJ in 5
Detroit-Columbus: Detroit in 5
Vancouver-St. Louis: Vancouver in 4
Chicago-Calgary: Calgary in 7

1. Conn Smythe Winner: Zdeno Chara
2. Four goals in clinching game
3. Red suit

Grrrreg’s picks:

Boston-Montreal: Boston in 7
Washington-New York: Washington in 5
New Jersey-Carolina: Carolina in 7
Pittsburgh-Philadelphia: Pittsburgh in 6

San Jose-Anaheim: SJ in 6
Detroit-Columbus: Detroit in 5
Vancouver-St. Louis: Vancouver in 4
Chicago-Calgary: Chicago in 5

1. Conn Smythe Winner: Patrick Marleau
2. 5 goals in clinching game
3. Cherry will wear an insane yellow suit


The Habs lost yesterday, but unfortunately, I don’t have time to write about it now. And I couldn’t watch the game, because I had to get up freaking early today. So you’d probably be better off reading another recap somewhere else!

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The mother of all contests

Welcome to the first Soft European Playoffs Predictions Contest!


The Glorious (virtual) plastic trophy

I wanted to start something like that to have a little fun during the playoffs, and to stay interested even if *gasp* the habs were eliminated before the Stanley Cup Finals. And I started discussing this with EP, who encouraged me to do this. So you’re invited to join the party. The prize is virtual accolades and admiration from your peers, and also this wonderful virtual plastic star, that you will be able to proudly rock on your computer desktop!

Here is how it works:

Pick one winner for each series of the first round. And tell me how many games each series will last. Then we’ll do the same for each round, until the Finals. See that’s simple!

If you pick the correct winner for a series, you will get 5 points for the 1st round, 7 for the 2nd round, 10 for the Conference Championships round, and 15 for the Stanley Cup Finals. If you correctly pick the winner of the series, AND you have correctly picked how many games the series will go, you will get an extra 5 points.

There are also bonus points for “riding” a team from the first round to the Finals. In the Cup Finals, if you correctly pick the Stanley Cup Champion, and you had picked that team to win EACH previous round, you will get a bonus of 10 points. That’s to reward those who never lost faith in the future winner.

And finally, to spice things up a bit and give a last chance to those who were not lucky with their picks, there are 3 Super Bonus Crapshoot Questions, that have to be answered before the start of the playoffs. Each question is worth 4 points.

  1. Who will win the Conn Smythe Trophy?
  2. How many goals are gonna be scored in the cup clinching game (OT included)?
  3. What color will be the psychedelic suit worn by Don Cherry for “Coach’s Corner” during the first game of the Finals? (we’ll take the dominant color, if it’s recognizable. If there are no words to describe the color of the suit, we’ll have to cancel the question…)

don4Oooh that’s tricky

So, the maximum number of points is 80 pts for the first round, 48 for the second round, 30 for the Conference championships round, and 30 for the Finals (if you got the 10 pts for riding the same team). Plus 12 pts for the bonus questions. That’s a grand total of 200 points. Ain’t that beautiful?

If you want to join the fun, just send me your predictions for the first round (winners and # of games of each series), and your answers to the 3 Bonus Questions via email (the address is in the sidebar) before the drop of the puck of the first playoffs games, this Wednesday. I won’t accept new participants after the first round, unless we’re really not many people, because I don’t want this to take all my time! And if you take part in this, don’t forget to come back between each round to send me your predictions for the next round (or else, you’ll lose miserably).

If we’re not too many, I’ll post everyone’s predictions after the first playoffs night. Good luck!

Oh, and a last word: if you want to play in a less amateurish tournament, possibly win real prizes, and most of all, contribute to a nice cause, immediately go to the Pensblog. They have set up a great predictions contest, and their goal is to raise 10 066$ for the Mario Lemieux Foundation. Now that’s classy.

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