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A dramatic recap

A local theatre company generously agreed to provide us with a very quick recap of the Habs first home win of the season. I hope you’ll enjoy their vivid performance.


– 1 minute into the game, Bergeron takes a penalty

– Kovalchuk gets a breakaway

– After 1 period of domination, the habs are only up by one goal

– Ondrej Pavelec is a beast

– Habs win in the shootout!

– Wait, there are 74 more games like that until april?!

(Oh, and I think the happy guy in the bottom is Chris Pronger’s father. Who knew he played theatre?)


RDS is reporting that he left Hamilton yesterday with his belongings, and was suspended again by the habs.

Let’s have a little recap of the Sergei K situation:


– Sergei is demoted, but refuses to go to Hamilton.

– He asked for a trade.

– A week of conflicting reports follows.

– He changes his mind and goes to Hamilton

– He plays well with the Hammies, and people are starting to think he should be called up to replace Patches soon!

– He left Hamilton and is suspended again.

Geez, this theatre company is FANTASTIC, they can play everything, I’m going to hire them permanently for the blog!

Seriously, about Kostitsyn, if the reports are true, it’s definitely over for him in Montreal, and possibly in the nhl. What a shame…


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Go ahead I’m not watching.

Oops, 2 games played and I’ve already missed a game preview… I’m on fire.

The habs are now on the West coast, which means I won’t be able to watch any of their games there. When they play in Montreal, their games start around 1 AM for me, and I sometimes watch the first period. But when they’re in Calgary or Vancouver, it starts at 4 AM. I love the habs but I’m not THAT insane…

Alright, so let’s turn to our Shania to know who I won’t watch the habs playing tonight.



The Flames!

First, I have to say something about them. I looove their new retro jerseys. It’s freaking ugly, but it works perfectly. I think it looks amazing. I know the retro-jerseys thing is just a marketing fad that produced some great things and some really avoidable stuff. Like all fads, it will probably soon be forgotten for a little while, before the teams decide it’s time to wear retro 1990’s/2000’s jerseys to please those who grew up watching the game now. And it’s funny to think that those, those and those jerseys will inevitably be called “classic” then. (I give it less than 10 years before the Ducks pay hommage to the Disney era)

So, I like Calgary’s effort with the throwback jerseys. BUT, I think if you want to look really retro and bring back the magic from the late 1980s, you have to take the next step and also bring back the other unforgettable element of this era:


The stache

Seriously. If you really want to look vintage, you can’t really escape it. And there’s so much potential here. Just imagine.

flames à moustacheFlames a moustache 2

I’d root for them.

Anyway, back to the game. The recent series of injuries opened some spots on the habs lineup, and this should give Weber and Chips an opportunity to play. I’m especially glad for Chipchura. Not only because he has a great name, but also because he was once considered a future leader of this team. It never quite worked out that way and he will hopefully have a (last?) chance to salvage his nhl career. It’s a tough sitution for him, because he won’t get many occasions to shine. Metro is supposed to be back pretty soon, and I think he’ll take his spot back. It’s up to Chips to make Martin feel like he can play a role on this fourth line, maybe on the wing, even after Metro returns.

As for Weber, I think I would have preferred to see Carle called up. We all know Weber will get his chance, and he seems destined to crack the habs lineup sometime this season, or probably next season. For Carle, time looks to be running out too, with the emergence of PK Subban, Weber, Emelin (if he ever decides to come to Montreal), and Fisher. I thought the habs would call up 2 defensemen to travel with 7 D in the West, but they chose to go with just 6 blue-liners. Interesting.

Finally, another word about another habs youngster, the enigmatic Sergei. He is apparently now about to report to Hamilton. Has he changed his mind, and finally understood that his demotion is only temporary, and that he needs to work on his off-ice attitude? Or is this move just the first step towards a trade? Who knows. Like many other habs fans,  I sincerely hope he’ll stay in Hamilton for a few weeks and be recalled in Montreal. It would be a shame to lose him like that. I know I’m not really writing groundbreaking stuff here, but that’s how I feel.

Now, about tonight: no offense to Buffalo and Toronto (well, I don’t really mind offensing Toronto actually), but the Flames will be a tougher test. If the habs play the way they’ve been playing so far, I’m not sure they’ll get away with an OT win this time. It’s time to tighten up a little bit defensively (and stop allowing all those shots) and to begin building a little more offensive chemistry. So far, the habs are mostly dumping the puck and scoring ugly goals. That’s ok, because those goals are worth the same than beautiful tic-tac-toe goals, but in the long run, this is not going to be enough. Sure, there is no reason to worry so far, and the chemistry difficulties were predictable. It’s going to be interesting however to see if the team is slowly improving in this area.

As long the habs play better than last year in Calgary and don’t feel the need to go bowling tomorrow, I think I’ll be happy.

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Habs on tour!

Woohoo, it’s day 1 of the 2009-10 season! Finally!

So, with a new season comes a new feature for the blog. This season, we have hired a famous singer to introduce you every habs matchup, thanks to her amazing wardrobe. Go ahead, Shania!



Oooh yeah, a big Leafs/Habs game! Thank you Shania, that was awesome. (By the way, when I say “every” habs matchup, that’s supposed to mean “every habs matchup that I’ll bother making a preview of”)

What a way to start the season… An opportunity to spoil the Leafs home opener! Youpi! Of course, this is going to be a special game, for many reasons, that are very well known: It’s the start of the season for both teams; the Leafs are a big and tough team whereas the habs are (supposedly) small, soft  and fast; it’s the first occasion we’ll have to get a taste of the new habs for a real game; and finally of course, there’s this whole Komisarek affair.

Frankly, I hope the habs don’t focus on him too much. I expect him to be pretty fired up and to deliver a few bone crushing hits, to the delight of Toronto’s fans. Fair enough. Now unless he really plays dirty (and I don’t really think that’s what he usually does), there’s no reason to call for Laraque or someone else to kick his butt. The habs would be smart not to target him. There’s no need to take stupid penalties just to send a message to a former teammate. He’s not much of an offensive threat anyway.

Other than that, I’m glad that the new habs already got a little taste of the mess they’ve stepped into yesterday, thanks to Sergei and the media. Sergei, you’re a dumb fuck. Seriously. You have a chance to play in a hockey mad city, for one of the most  storied franchise in the nhl, which happens to be the place where your own brother plays. You even have a chance to be his linemate soon. And you ask for a trade because you are sent to the AHL? Do I need to remind you you’ve been drafted in the 7th round, and you’ve only played 38 AHL games so far? It’s pretty extraordinary you even got the chance to play in the nhl already… You have talent, that’s for sure. But that’s not nearly enough to be successful.

I sure hope someone talks to him soon. I don’t know, just tell him the nightlife is less exciting in Columbus or Phoenix, maybe that’ll make him think a little.

And about the media: why are we supposed to be surprised/worried because the habs will start the season without a captain? Koivu is gone, as are half the players from last year. Of course it’ll take  some time for new leaders to emerge. What’s the point of rushing to settle on someone, only to realize there’s someone else better suited for the job in 3 months?

Wooo! The season has not even started and I’m already all cranky! :D


So, the habs start their season tonight with a big 5 games roadtrip accross Canada. Be careful NHL, here come the new habs!

habs bus

(I think Paul Mara is going to be in all of my photoshops from now on. I love his picture)