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Habs Summer Jobs: PK Subban

Episode 3 of my lazy attempt to keep the blog alive during this summer. Today, we are following PK Subban in his quest for a little pocket-money.

PK Subban ~ Lawn mowing


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Habs Summer Jobs: Brian Gionta

Hey! Episode 2 of our summer series exploring the summer activities of the habs. Today, let’s see what Gio was up to this summer. Turns out he found a nice job overseas… I think Youppi hooked him up with that one. That orange guy sure has lots of connections.

Brian Gionta ~ World Cup Mascot

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Habs summer jobs: Jaro Spacek

Yes, let’s face it, it’s summer, and there’s no hockey… But hockey fans are not the only ones suffering during summer. It’s not easier for hockey players. Just like every year, the Habs have to find jobs during the off-season to make a bit of money. This summer, thanks to an exclusive series* of photoshops portraits, we’ll discover one by one the rarely seen lives of our heroes when there’s no hockey.

Jaroslav Spacek ~ Lifeguard


*The last time I intended to make a “series” of posts, I think I gave up after 2 posts, so I can’t guarantee you’ll have much more than that one… but I’ll try!