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Habs legends

David takes on Goliath.



smileyThat’s it. That’s how I feel this morning. I don’t care the habs almost blew it again. I don’t care they couldn’t win in regulation once again. I’m just happy, because they beat the Bruins, and Price looked really good. That’s a great way to start my weekend. Because yes, this is already my weekend. I’m leaving in 20 minutes to take the train to no-computer land. I’ll be habs deprived until sunday night. So I’m :-) that they left me on a good note.

See you soon!

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Milan is hungry

lucic eats kittenA dead fish and a kitten! Yummy yummy!

Hey Milan, there’s nothing wrong with eating kittens and fish carcasses, I understand foie gras and truffles are not for everyone. But please, at least don’t forget to brush your teeth after that…


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Forbidden Love

love canes

I never thought I’d ever they that, but here it is: Canes, you won my heart. What a playoff run! This is exactly what playoffs are supposed to be about: Hot hot hot goaltending, a miracle game 7 win, hardwork, a crazy crowd, an unlikely hero scoring crucial goals game after game (Jussi was the right Jokinen to go after before the trade deadline, Calgary!), and the now very real possibility of a big upset. And you are on the brink of eliminating THE FREAKING BRUINS! How could I not love you?!

To me, the Bruins/Hurricanes series looks quite similar to the Habs/Flyers series of last season. The Bruins are overall a better team, like the Habs probably were, but they are a little overconfident, like the habs were, they can’t solve a hot goalie, like the habs couldn’t solve Biron, and they are too slow to realize what’s happening to them. The scenario has been the same in those two series: the Bruins won the first one, and then lost 3 in a row. And when I look at the reactions of some Bruins fans on the Internet, it pretty much sounds like what we were saying last season: “This just can’t be. They will turn this around. The Canes are not good enough. We just need to go back to what we did right during the season.” This is disbelief, with a touch of delusion. And I looove it. Muahahahaha!

To stay on the topic of love, I’m leaving you right now to catch a train to go to a friend’s wedding this afternoon. I won’t be back before monday. (I’ll actually be back sunday night, but I’ll probably be exhausted and still half drunk, so I’ll wisely try to stay away from my keyboard.) Anyway, have a great weekend!

Just win this one

Carey Price arrives at the Bell Center for Game 4.


Dear habs, just win tonight’s game. Some say it’s about preserving some pride and dignity. Some simply don’t want to see the Bruins beat you twice at home and sweep the series. Those are very good reasons. But it goes beyond this. This could be the last time some of you play with a habs sweater in Montreal (or at all). Don’t let this once promising team die tonight in front of a booing home crowd. You deserve better than that. You’ve played 85 games together, and it was an awfully rough ride, just don’t quit now.

Forget about the series outcome. Just win this one, and we’ll think about the rest tomorrow. One little win. Do it!

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So far so good…


Game 1/ Montreal 2-4 Boston


slap2Game 2 / Montreal 1-5 Boston

So far so good… I just can’t wait for Game 3.

It wasn’t supposed to be easy, but it’s really harder than I thought it would be. I entered the playoffs with a light mood. My attitude was: “nothing can really go wrong. Nobody expects the habs to win this, so they can’t really disappoint anyone, they can just do better than expected. And if they don’t, that shouldn’t hurt too much.”

I was wrong. I underestimated how much I hate the Bruins, and how much it’s enraging to see them beat the habs like that. Especially when the habs don’t play hard, like yesterday. The first game wasn’t completely embarrassing, but Game 2 was much worse. It was really sad to see them start the game well, only to completely fold after the Bruins scored a PP goal. If only they had lost in an encouraging way (like in OT, or after a hard fought battle), we could hope for two really interesting games in Montreal. But Game 2 didn’t give many reasons to hope for that kind of turnaround. It’s still possible, but it looks less and less likely. The habs didn’t achieve what was probably their main goal for those two games in Boston: make the Bruins doubt a little bit. They also failed to gain confidence that they can seriously challenge Boston every night.

Of course, the rivalry between those two teams, and the way the bruins and their fans seem to enjoy finally dominating the habs in a playoffs series doesn’t exactly make it easier to swallow.  The whining of some Bruins fans about how the habs are dirty doesn’t really help either. The elbowing attempt by Kostopoulos in Game 1 was shameful. Lapierre shoving Kessel after his empty netter was a stupid display of frustration. But the “controversy” about Komisarek trying to gouge the eyes of Hunwick is a complete joke (I’m sorry about his spleen problems by the way, that’s not something I’d wish to anyone) . I hate how people are bitching about how the habs are cowards, how they can’t stand for themselves, how they are cheap shots artists and how the poor Bruins are their innocent victims. Komisarek is a weasel and Lucic is a hero. Yeah, right, we got it. We saw that yesterday. That nice little cross-check in the face of Lapierre, in the last minutes of a 5-1 game was clearly the epitome of class and fair play. I’m not saying the Habs are angels, I’m saying the Bruins can hardly claim moral high ground here.

Anyway, this series has been a pain in the ass so far. I wish the habs would have busted their little asses in that last game of the season to get that 7th seed and try to play the caps…

I’m aware that was a rather sad post. So here is a completely unrelated stupid video to put a smile back on your face.

Un nouveau plan pour battre les Bruins

Comme un con, j’ai complètement manqué le match d’hier, alors que pour une fois il était programmé à une heure acceptable pour moi… Je ne ferai pas la même erreur deux fois, et je serai devant mon ordinateur pour le match contre Boston. Mais je dois dire que je suis extrêmement satisfait de constater que ma suggestion pour remotiver le vestiaire du Canadien a apparemment porté ses fruits. La victoire d’hier a été un peu tirée par les cheveux, mais bon, dans la situation actuelle, elle fait beaucoup de bien, et c’est le principal. Le match de tout à l’heure contre les Bruins sera tout un défi pour Montréal. C’est l’occasion de faire une grosse performance, et de se remettre vraiment en selle.


Jusqu’ici, comme toutes les équipes, les Canadiens ont eu beaucoup de difficultés pour battre les Bruins cette saison. Mais les Habs sont imaginatifs. Bob Gainey, jamais à court de solutions originales pour faire avancer son équipe, a convoqué une réunion dans la fameuse Bobcave, dissimulée sous le centre Bell.


A l’issue de cette réunion ultra secrète, les Montréalais ont décidé de mettre en œuvre une approche plutôt innovante pour tenter de battre enfin leur ennemi juré:

hypnosis L’hypnose.

Pour ne pas éveiller l’attention de leurs adversaires, les Habs ont habilement utilisé le prétexte des célébrations de leur centenaire pour développer et utiliser un équipement qui plongera inévitablement les joueurs des Bruins dans un état de transe hypnotique. Pendant que les pauvres joueurs de Boston ne pourront que patiner en cercles désordonnés, sous l’emprise de cette arme secrète, les Canadiens marqueront but sur but, et obtiendront une victoire facile sous le regard impuissant de Claude Julien.

Voici en avant première le résultat de plusieurs mois de travail des meilleurs spécialistes québécois de l’hypnose et de la manipulation mentale (ATTENTION, si vous êtes sujet à l’épilepsie, il vous est recommandé de ne pas fixer l’image ci-dessous)


Grâce à un habile travail de manipulation d’images d’archives, le département communication du Tricolore est parvenu à faire croire à tout le monde que ce chandail n’est qu’une reproduction innocente du chandail porté par le club lors de la saison 1912-13.


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