Habs, hooray for youuuuu!

Allright. Tough times for the Habs. That’s now 4 losses in a row, including two ugly ugly games in Florida. Price is shaky. Plekanec is back to his “little girl” form from last season’s playoffs. Koivu and Higgins are back but they haven’t really made their presence felt. Gorges is in the fog.

In a word, the habs are officially in a SLUMP.

Carbonneau is apparently up to his old tricks: it’s line juggling time again.

jugglerAccording to the journalists who followed yesterday’s practice, Carbo wants to put an energy guy on each line. Here is the possible lineup for tonight:

Lang with Kovalev and Bégin
Koivu with Pacioretty and D’Agostini
Lapierre with Kostopoulos and Higgins
And Plekanec with Latendresse and Andrei Kost.

Hmmm, this is a little wacky.

So apparently, the idea was to address the lack of energy. We’ll see if it’s effective. But just in case, I also have a suggestion, to address their lack of confidence. Here is what they should play in the dressing room instead of stupid U2.

Hooray for youuuuuuuu, habs!


Just a last note: tonight, the habs will face the LA Kings. I don’t like the Kings. I think their colors are hideous. Purple, silver and black? Ugh. And their logo is awful, too. It just needed to be said.

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