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It’s upon us again…

God help us all!

I’m sorry for the lazy posts these days. I’m not very inspired, so I’m just having fun with instead of writing boring stuff… :)


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It’s clearly time for a good old pagan sacrifice

First things first, there was a game tuesday night in Carolina.

Here’s the recap.


worth a thousand words

I wanted to make a nice summary of the game, but then I found this picture of Plekanec and Ruutu on Habs inside/out, and suddenly there’s not much else I can say that hasn’t already been said. The face of the guy with the blue jacket in the background sums it up nicely.


More importantly, I feel like I have to adress a crucial point today: the curse of Gorges

Josh Gorges may very well be my favorite hab. I tend to like the players that go relatively unnoticed, those who have to fight to keep their spott on the team, the unlikely heroes. Gorges is the perfect example of this. He was one of the feel-good stories of the last season. He arrived in Montreal as a part of the trade that sent Rivet to the sharks in 2007. Last year, he wasn’t supposed to play much but his work and his consistency slowly made him an important part of the team, on and off the ice. Because off the ice, Gorges really seems to be a fun guy. He’s always smiling, often joking, and some of his interviews let appear a slightly self depreciating humor that I really like. I also suspect he’s BFF with Price, which can only reinforce his presumption of awesomeness.

And last but not least, since day one something is very obvious to me:




Josh Gorges is the hockey incarnation of Curious George.

But there is something wrong with Curious Gorges. He doesn’t score. At all. In 86 games with the Canadiens, he has 12 assists, and zero goal. So Tom Kostopoulos and Price had a little discussion about it, and tried to solve the mystery. Kostopoulos came up with the obvious explanation: “He thinks my stick is cursed and that’s why I haven’t been able to put the puck in the net,” Gorges said to the Montreal Gazette.

So they decided it was time for a sacrifice, to appease the Hockey Gods. Yesterday, Price and Kostopoulos actually cut Gorges stick into pieces, and “then placed the pieces at each corner of the rink at the RBC Centre in an attempt to break the curse.”

We’ll see how it goes, and if the Hockey Gods are now satisfied, but I think it was more than time for the players to take things into their hands. Next time, I would just suggest them not to forget to burn Latendresse devil-possessed skates, and to put some garlic into O’Byrne’s jockstrap (he may not be cursed, but hilarity should ensue).