Survival, part 2

Tonight, the habs will have to survive in hostile territory.

Wait what? Hostile territory? But the game is in Montreal! They already survived in hostile territory last friday!

Well honestly, I think I’d be less stressed out if the game was in Washington. Habs are on a magnificent 6 game losing streak at home in the playoffs. They’ve played very well on the road but have been really crappy at home so far.

I know habs players keep on saying that the crowd is a huge boost in Montreal, but I think playing at the Bell Centre is really a double edged sword. It can provide a big spark, but I think it’s also a lot of pressure. In this series, Montreal fared very well when everyone expected them to lose, i.e. when the expectations and the pressure were more on Washington’s side. But when they were in a position to actually take the control of the series at home, they faltered a bit. Being the underdog road team can actually help, in a us-against-the-universe kind of way, and I think this is what the habs will be missing tonight.

Also, I think the caps were unfocused on friday, and I don’t see them having an off-night again tonight.

So realistically, I know I should prepare myself for the worse…

In case of a 2 on 1 with MAB on defense, brace for impact

And yet…. that’s not completely how I feel. In spite of everything, I’m still hopeful the habs can somehow prove everyone wrong and surprise the caps again.

I think if the Habs score first, everything is possible. Otherwise… well let’s not think about “otherwise”.



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