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Gooooood times…

It’s more than time to post my little recap of last night’s game.


Boy, that was exciting! Well, I suppose it wasn’t that exciting if you’re a leafs fan of course, but that’s life… A fast paced game, lots of goals (and most of them scored by the good guys), a crazy building, and plenty of tension on the ice.

What I liked:

  • 1 goal by Kovy, who is playing better and better
  • 1 goal by Lapierre, who had a great month of december, and who seems to stay hot in 2009
  • 1 goal by Kostitsyn (both of them actually, but I was thinking about Andrei). Andrei is back to his pooint per game production of last year, and it’s one of the best things that could happen to the habs.
  • 1 goal by Pacioretty, who’s having the same kind of nhl career start than D’Agostini.
  • A good game by Halak. That’s two in two nights, after a pretty rough week. Good for him.
  • The amazing defensive play of White and then Schenn, who both desperately stopped the puck as it was about to cross the goal line, on the same action. Just look at the picture:

white1Ian White’s mustache makes this pic absolutely stunning

What I didn’t like:

  • Well, not much…

What I’m not sure I liked or disliked:

  • The unnecessary goonery.

Sure, it’s pleasant to see a game whith a few scrums, and a bit of tension. Especially if the public is really into it, as was the case last night. But at the same time, it went a bit out of control in the second period, when every whistle was followed by a scrum and a few vigorous facewashs. Brad May, who played his first game with his new team, was particularly aggressive for the Leafs. On the Habs side, Sergei Kost did nothing to cool things down. The presence of Grabovski did not really help, as there’s now clearly some bad blood between the Belarussians. Also, the Leafs were still angry at Kostopoulos because of his hit on Van Ryn back in November. So of course, the scrums turned into fisticuffs. Kostopoulos and Bouillon were successively beaten up by Mayers and May. And in the third, Grabovski lost his mind for a few seconds when he was prevented by a linesman to fight with Sergei Kost. He shoved the referee and waved at the crowd on his way to the locker room. He got a 3 games suspension because of this today.

Well, I think all of this was pretty unnecessary. It’s good that the Habs were not intimidated by those tactics, even without Laraque. I wish Big George had been there to meet Brad May though. After the game, according to the Toronto Star, May said the fights were “great,” and when a reporter referred to them as ugly, he said, “When it’s ugly it’s great.” Nice quote.

As for Grabovski, I’m disappointed by the whole situation.  He didn’t play a lot in Montreal, and made the stupid mistake of missing a team flight during a road trip, because he was not satisfied by the way he was being used. Then, and probably as a result of this, he was traded to the leafs after last season. I liked him as a prospect, and I was sad to see him go. But it was the best thing for him, and he is having a good season with the Leafs. But it seems that the public won’t forgive him anything soon in Montreal. He was booed relentlessly yesterday. And his feud with Sergei Kostitsyn escalated to this stupid gesture in the third period. Honestly, I don’t think what he did was that big of a deal. Of course, you should never touch a referee, but it’s not like he punched him or something. Anyway, Grabovski still has a lot to learn I guess. He could be a better player if he just got rid of those things. I kow i’m in the minority here, but I still somehow like him.

To finish this post on a lighter note, I just want to pay a little tribute to our favourite little Greek (I know he’s Canadian, but still), Tom Kostopoulos, who once again showed he’s a poor fighter, but a great teammate…

Oh Dalida… ces yeux…


Le grand classique

vaiveOuais, on est des vrais gagnants!

Comme vous pouvez le voir sur cette image prise à la dérobée dans le vestiaire des Leafs, attention, ils sont super motivés. Et c’est bien normal. Car ce soir, c’est le grand classique. LA rivalité historique. Les feuilles d’érable contre les habitants. Montréal-Toronto.

Enfin! J’ai l’impression que les habs n’avaient pas joué Toronto depuis six mois… Bon, ces temps-ci, Toronto, c’est plus exactement ce que c’était. Alors forcément, ça rejaillit un peu sur l’intensité de la rivalité. Les matchs ont moins d’enjeu direct, hormis la fierté, et pour certains, la rivalité la plus chaude est en ce moment celle qui oppose les Canadiens aux Bruins. Mais même si elle a connu des périodes plus fastes, et plus excitantes, l’opposition entre Montréal et Toronto, ça reste spécial. Ne serait-ce que pour les fans, et pour l’Histoire.

thomas70La classe

Personnellement, j’ai toujours eu un peu de mal à détester avec passion les rivaux traditionnels du Canadien. Je ne suis pas un fan des Glorieux depuis ma plus tendre enfance, et j’ai un peu du mal à haïr une autre équipe juste parceque-je-sais-qu’il-faut-que-je-le-fasse-sinon-je-ne-suis-pas-un-vrai-fan-digne-de-ce-nom. Quand j’ai choisi mon équipe, j’ai adoré me plonger dans son histoire. J’ai lu tout ce que j’ai pu sur le passé du Tricolore. Et évidemment, j’ai lu beaucoup sur ses rivalités avec Toronto et Boston. Mais ça ne suffit pas pour vraiment haïr une équipe. Pourtant, vraiment, j’avais plein de bonne volonté, je ne demandais que ça moi, d’être un bon petit partisan, et de mépriser les ennemis de mon équipe… Le problème, c’est aussi sans doute que je ne fréquente pas de fans des Leafs horripilants. Dans mon cercle d’amis, une seule personne s’intéresse au hockey. C’est un de mes meilleurs amis, et il est fan des Leafs. Hélas, il est loin d’être assez désagréable pour que je déteste son équipe…

Mais bien heureusement, les Leafs se sont avérés largement assez détestables eux mêmes pour m’aider à devenir un vrai partisan comme il faut du Canadien. Je veux remercier ici Darcy Tucker, Tie Domi, pour leur excellent travail, qui a fait de moi le fan de Montréal que je suis. Mais bien entendu, je dois également rendre hommage à l’inimitable Don Cherry (ou, puisque j’écris en français aujourd’hui, Donald Cerise), qui, s’il ne fait pas partie de l’organisation de Toronto, fait chaque semaine tout son possible pour la rendre insupportable.

don21Merci de m’avoir ouvert les yeux, Don.

Grâce à ces trois personnages, mais aussi grâce au souvenir de la dernière rencontre de la saison 2006-07, ce soir donc, je regarderai (enfin façon de parler, il y a de fortes chances que j’aille me coucher avant la fin) le match sans états d’âme, comme un vrai fan des Canadiens. En détestant les Leafs.

Go Habs go.