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Exclusive fake pics of the Habs retreat!

Ok, now let’s get back to business. The habs season is about to begin, and rather than boring you with stupid predictions which will just be really embarrassing in a few months, I’ve decided to do a little investigation on the Teen Ranch where the habs are currently locked to do some team building before the start of the season.

There have been rumors that the habs are sleeping in dorm rooms furnished with bunk beds. Well, guess what? I’m about to release some exclusive pictures of those dorm rooms. And as you’ll see, it’s very cosy.

To begin, here’s a picture of Paul Mara, confortably laying in bed.


As you can see, Paul can kill people with his stare. Even when he’s in a ridiculous position.

Now let’s turn to another room. Oh look, this is Ryan O’Byrne!


Hmm, ok Ryan, I’m not gonna ask you anything about this little kid, I’m sure there’s a perfectly valid reason why he’s here. That’s a little creepy though. But I’m glad you brought your habs vintage pyjamas!

Ok, let’s move on to the next room.

Eh look, Gio is being all friendly with Carey! Nice!

Price Gio– Hey Carey! What are you reading? Goaltending for dummies? Ahahahahahaa!

– Jerk!

Ok, well, let’s just leave those two… uh… bond together.

I think there’s a last room. Yeah, it’s for the “special” habs. Hmm, nice, they have really cool beds!


lit poissons

Hey Scott, I heard you like fishing, so how do you like this fish-themed bed?


Uh… yeah. Ok, well thanks Scott.

Well, this ends our little tour of the habs Teen Ranch. I’m relieved to see that Gainey and Martin are doing everything they can to ensure that the players find some chemistry on and off the ice. I think this bodes really well for the upcoming season!


Bad break



I won’t post the video of O’Byrne’s own goal, it’s all over the internet by now. I hope his teammates will help him to rebound after this. He was already under some scrutiny, because of his sometimes shaky play this year. That won’t help him.

Well, Montreal stole a W in Long Island last time, and the Isles stole a W in Montreal yesterday. I guess it evens up.

I’m happy Curious Gorges got his first goal yesterday. That was nice to see him congratulated by the whole team, Price included. I guess the stick sacrifice performed by Carey and Kostopoulos in Carolina worked after all!

gorges-scoresI’ll post this each time Gorges gets a point.

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