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Ok, after all, this is still a hockey bog, so let’s talk hockey again! It’s not going to be an easy weekend. I’m sorry for stating the obvious, but playing Washington and Detroit in back to back games isn’t exactly going to be a pleasure for the habs, given all their recent issues. But let’s start with tonight’s game:

Game 22

Stewie is back to the Bulldogs for two weeks, and it’s lines juggling time in Montreal. It’s not exactly the sign of a confident team and coach. During the last game, Metro played on the first line. Now, according to Habs Inside/Out (yeah, I kinda have to rely on them, I can’t really go to see the practices myself…) Metro is back to the fourth line, with Pyatt and Laraque. The third line features Lats, Lapierre and White. Plekanec, Kostitsyn and Pacioretty are on the second line. So, that means it’s Travis Moen’s turn to play along Gomez and Cammalleri on the first line.

Habs fourth liners line up to play on the first line, in front of a pre-crisis habs billboard ad.

It’s really a bad sign when you have to use your 4th liners to play on the first line. No offense to Metro or Moen, who are playing well this year (especially Metro), but I don’t think it’s their role to play along guys like Cammie. Even worse, I think it sends the message that you’re really desperate to find solutions. I have a lot of confidence in Martin’s coaching abilities, but this kind of moves is disturbingly reminiscent of Carbonneau.

With Gionta out for an indefinite time, I think it could be time to send someone down and call up Desharnais or Sergei K. (I’m sorry for the Bulldogs, really, but I’m still a habs fan first… and that’s unfortunately the way things work for affiliate franchises: they’re bound to lose their best players during the season…)

The good news for the habs is the return of O’Byrne. Like the rest of habs fans, I’m really hoping his injury didn’t completely turned him back to 2008-09 O’Byrne. Otherwise, we’re screwed.

About the Caps, they’re also missing important players (Semin, Knuble), but Ovie is back. With him and Backstrom, they’re still pretty scary.

I’m sorry, that’s pretty much all I have to say about this game. I’m not very confident about the habs right now, but if they can somehow win this one, or at least get a point (this will probably necessitate another good game from Carey), it would definitely be a welcome confidence boost.


Just an update about the French soccer team: there were petitions in France to have the game played again. Now it’s getting really funny, because everyone is making fun of Henry. In the news, on tv, on the radio, in the streets, really everywhere. I have yet to see someone seriously defending him. It’s getting to the point where politicians are asked their opinion about it. Which causes them all sorts of embarrassment, because they can’t defend cheating, but they don’t want to look unpatriotic if they criticize les Bleus. So they’re really beating around the bush (I’ve just learnt this expression, I hope it makes sense)

Henry himself admitted that he thought the game should be replayed. But the FIFA confirmed the result, and it’s very unlikely there will be a rematch. If things stay that way, I think we should just have fun with this: let’s embrace our cheaters status, and let’s have the French fans come to South Africa with big foam hands. Humor is the only way out of this embarrassment!

I would LOVE to see something like this catching on.


Forget Lecavalier, we have Gorges.

Who needs a Vinny, when you have a Josh Gorges, really?

Here are tonight’s offensive lines:

A. Kostitsyn-Higgins-Kostopoulos


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Habs, hooray for youuuuu!

Allright. Tough times for the Habs. That’s now 4 losses in a row, including two ugly ugly games in Florida. Price is shaky. Plekanec is back to his “little girl” form from last season’s playoffs. Koivu and Higgins are back but they haven’t really made their presence felt. Gorges is in the fog.

In a word, the habs are officially in a SLUMP.

Carbonneau is apparently up to his old tricks: it’s line juggling time again.

jugglerAccording to the journalists who followed yesterday’s practice, Carbo wants to put an energy guy on each line. Here is the possible lineup for tonight:

Lang with Kovalev and Bégin
Koivu with Pacioretty and D’Agostini
Lapierre with Kostopoulos and Higgins
And Plekanec with Latendresse and Andrei Kost.

Hmmm, this is a little wacky.

So apparently, the idea was to address the lack of energy. We’ll see if it’s effective. But just in case, I also have a suggestion, to address their lack of confidence. Here is what they should play in the dressing room instead of stupid U2.

Hooray for youuuuuuuu, habs!


Just a last note: tonight, the habs will face the LA Kings. I don’t like the Kings. I think their colors are hideous. Purple, silver and black? Ugh. And their logo is awful, too. It just needed to be said.

Carbo, Jongliermeister

I’m sorry for the lack of updates on the blog. I’ve been awfully busy for the last few days, and it’s not gonna get any better until next week. It’s not too bad though, because the habs haven’t played since their win over Buffalo last saturday, so I haven’t missed a lot of action.


Tonight, Montreal will face Atlanta at the Bell Center. And Carbonneau decided it’s time for another line shuffling. So, according to RDS, here are the lines for tonight’s game:

Tanguay – Plekanec – Kostopoulos
A. Kostitsyn – Koivu – D’Agostini
Higgins – Lang – Kovalev
Begin – Lapiere – Laraque

Learn to compose your lines like a professional coach!

Oh boy… So, Latendresse, Sergei Kost and O’Byrne are scratched. Dandenault will play on D. It’ll be interesting to see how Tanguay and Pleks play together. D’Agostini had a good game against the sabres, and his line will be pretty funny to watch. Kovy is on the third line. This is a statement, and I hope he’ll take it as a good kick in the ass. Carbo also hopes that he and Lang can find back the magic from their Pittsburgh days.

Well, to be honest, I have no clue how this will turn out. So, let’s find another way to assess Montreal chances versus Atlanta. How about a mascots duel? Well yeah, sure, but it’s pretty unoriginal, you say. Agreed. So… how about an OLYMPIC mascots duel? Hmmmm, now we’re talking!

izzyAtlanta 96: Izzy


Montréal 76: Amik


Amik is a beaver, obviously. Izzy is… a Whatizit, i.e. an “amorphous abstract fantasy figure”. Amik wins.


Amik means beaver in “Indian language” according to the IOC. Izzy is a short version of Whatizit. Tie.


Amik is pretty boring. Izzy is fucking ugly. But he has sneakers. I guess that counts for something. Izzy wins.

Well, it’s a tie. If they go to the shootout, I tink Amik wins, because Izzy has a bigger five hole. And you didn’t think I’d let this monstrosity prevail, did you?

(By the way, I found probably the greatest website ever while looking for Izzy pictures: Izzypins, a site detailing the amazing 700 Izzy pins collection of an Izzy fan. Absolutely awesome.)

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