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La vie fascinante des hockeyeurs

Encore un exemple des petits plaisirs de la vie dans la NHL:

Au programme pour les Habs ce soir: Soirée concours de flûte avec les Senators à Ottawa!


Jarkko s’est entraîné très dur pour ce soir!

They’re there…

Today I want to adress a special but quite worrying topic: Vampires are slowly taking over the NHL.

Two days ago, according to Puck Daddy, a young Red Wings prospect, Joakim Andersson, bit Los Angeles Kings prospect Thomas Hickey during the Canada-Sweden WJC Final.


Joakim Andersson

Then of course I’m sure everybody heard that yesterday, Jarkko Rutu tried to get a taste of Andrew Peters of the Sabres.


Jarkko Ruutu

But these are only the two latest events in a trend that clearly shows vampires have already infiltrated many NHL teams:

In november 2003, Marc Savard, then with the Thrashers, was suspended for one game after he sinked his teeth into none other than Darcy Tucker. (Meg mentioned this in one of the comments on IPB yesterday)


Marc Savard

And finally, who could forget that Derian Hatcher tried to eat a finger of poor Travis Zajac back in February 2008?


Derian Hatcher

The scariest thing, of course, is that all the victims of those vampires have probably turned into vampires themselves by now. Are all the teams already harboring vampires? And who’s gonna be their next victim? I strongly suspect Kovalev has been bitten recently. And what about Jaroslav Halak? He not only plays like a zombie, he also LOOKS like one…

Then there’s always a solution: