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Happy 800!

Jaro Spacek will play his 800th game tomorrow, and here at The Soft European, we think that this is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Especially because Spacek is one of our very favorite habs. So let’s pop some champagne corks! Congrats Jaro!

Jaro tells a good one.

Oh Jaro, please don’t ever change!


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Habs summer jobs: Jaro Spacek

Yes, let’s face it, it’s summer, and there’s no hockey… But hockey fans are not the only ones suffering during summer. It’s not easier for hockey players. Just like every year, the Habs have to find jobs during the off-season to make a bit of money. This summer, thanks to an exclusive series* of photoshops portraits, we’ll discover one by one the rarely seen lives of our heroes when there’s no hockey.

Jaroslav Spacek ~ Lifeguard


*The last time I intended to make a “series” of posts, I think I gave up after 2 posts, so I can’t guarantee you’ll have much more than that one… but I’ll try!

Stop shooting at our Jaros!

Yes Jaro, blocking everything that’s thrown at your goalie hurts.

Just like the first time the Habs and the Sens met this season, I’m in a biblical mood. Seriously, that was a nice little win yesterday night. But if Spacek is seriously hurt, it’s going to get tough.

I stayed away from the internet all day long, because I had recorded the game (don’t ask me how), and I was only able to watch it tonight. That was sweet. As usual, I liked the team character. We’re getting used to it now, but it’s a pleasure to watch a team that seems to care most of the time. Sure, just a week ago, the exact same team forgot to show up for two consecutive games, but overall, since the season began, it didn’t happen very often.

Obviously the big factors yesterday were special teams, and goaltending. Jaro looked awesome, and both the PP and the PK kicked ass. If the PP really starts clicking, the team will definitely be in a better position. And there’s plenty of room for improvment there.

Of course, the troubling part is that the habs were badly outshot, and spent most of the night in their own zone. The Sens werer rarely furiously menacing, but they clearly dominated for long stretches. The habs have won a few of those games where they are dominated and badly outshot. But this is really not a recipe for success. Sure, part of this yesterday was because the habs took several penalties. But precisely, that’s something else the Habs should start worrying about. Right now, only two teams took more minor penalties than Montreal this season: Philly and Anaheim. That’s not exactly good company… I know the PK is on fire right now. It was a pleasure to watch yesterday. But I’m not sure the Habs need to put themselves in this kind of trouble every game.

After 3 straight wins, it looks better for the Habs than it did a week ago. But Montreal is still just above the .500 mark… Another win against Pittsburgh on Thursday night would be a great way to show that this week wasn’t a fluke, and that the Habs can be better than an average team.


Thanks to those who voted for this blog at the tournament of habs blogs at the NHL Arena forum. I’m now in the second round! Woooo! Let me tell you, this first round win was celebrated in true Habs fashion, with class and molotov cocktails. It’s a little weird to riot alone in the streets, but it was totally worth it. You can vote for me AGAIN there: click click click!

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