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Funny night

My night yesterday:

I’ve rarely seen stuff go this bad in a matter of minutes on an otherwise perfectly normal night.

You know what I’m talking about of course. Halak was traded, and while everyone was freaking out because the habs only got two unknown prospects in return, Mexico was busy ousting France from the World Cup.


To be honest, the football result is not what shocked/upset me the most. Sure I would have loved to see les Bleus go further. Unlike most of France, I like Raymond Domenech and that would have been really fun to see the French media having to eat some crow after months of relentless coach bashing. I like Raymond because I love how he deals with the media. He’s embroiled in a war with them, and he just never misses an occasion to taunt them or annoy them. He answers sarcastically to every question they ask. His press conferences are more awkward than those of Chris Pronger. This 2010 national team is probably the least popular équipe de France I have ever seen. I think it would have been hilarious to see that bunch of guys go deep, especially seeing how they got their ticket to South Africa.

Well, unless a miraculous turning of events happens, this won’t be. That’s ok. Yesterday, Mexico was far better.

So of course, the other big news was Jaroslav.

He’s gone, and this hurts. Let me start by saying that it makes sense for the habs. I don’t think it’s a necessarily an awful move. Everyone knew they had a tough choice to make. They picked Price over Halak, and honestly I can’t say this is a terrible decision. I just don’t know yet. I would have felt a little uncomfortable too if they had dealt Price. I have faith in Carey, and I don’t think the Habs are screwed this morning.

As for the return, of course it’s a bit underwhelming, because the two prospects are not big names. We know what we lost, we’re not sure what we got. I think everyone was hoping the return would be bigger or flashier (Wouldn’t it have been funny to get D’Agostini back from the Blues? Wait no… it wouldn’t have been.) But it’s stupid to jump at Gauthier’s throat already. The goalie market is what it is. When was the last time a goalie fetched a very good return right away? The Habs got two prospects I don’t know much about, but apparently Lars Eller is good. If Price performs like we know he can, and if Eller becomes a good player, this won’t be a bad trade. (And Schultz looks less promising today, but who knows, he might be a good surprise like Gorges and Pyatt in the past)

But of course, no matter what the return is, it really stings because it’s Jaro. If you read this blog a little bit, you know I like Jaro a lot. It’s tough to see one of your favorite guys go away, no matter the circumstances. So I feel a little empty today, and it’s going to take a little while to swallow this move.

There’s a last thing I want to say too. Last night was really weird for me, because I’ve always really liked both the Mexican football team and the Saint Louis Blues. About Mexico, I think it dates back to the 1998 world cup. They’re one of my secondary teams during every World Cup, and they routinely disappoint me. Well they didn’t yesterday… About the Blues, this has nothing to do with yesterday, I’ve always liked them and this is not a bandwagon thing.  I mentioned this as soon as I started this blog. I actually think that out of the 29 other teams, this is probably the place where I’m the least unhappy to see Jaro go. It won’t be too difficult for me to root for them next year and in the upcoming seasons. Their future looks pretty bright, and that makes me happy.

So yeah, it was a very weird night yesterday.

Now bye bye Jaro. I really enjoyed rooting for you as a hab. You’ll remain one of my favorite guys in the league.

Ďakujem Jaro!

Uh oh…

Watch out Carey!

Ugh, I just wrote an entire post, and firefox crashed at the moment I hit the publish button. Xdjhvâzbfrikzqxsdjkfsdtakerp!

Anyway, here is what I recall I just wrote.

Poor Habs. This is getting a little sad. Another game, another disappointment. They started awfully yesterday. Then there was the Price/Janssen incident. I loved it. For the record, I think it’s ok to bump into a goalie when he’s far away from his net (of course, I’m saying “bump”, I’m not saying “absolutely destroy him along the boards”). But then I also think it’s fair for the player doing this to expect to be jumped by half the goalie’s teammates. I don’t think what Janssen did was that terrible. He was coming fast to play the puck, and I don’t think he really could avoid Price. Price also had to know what was coming. But I loved Carey’s reaction anyway. His “he’s mine!” attitude when he dropped his gloves and tried to pull Hamrlik to get a piece of Janssen was memorable. Too bad the refs didn’t let Conklin go down the ice to get into this!

Unfortunately, this is probably the only thing we’ll remember about that game.

There aren’t many positives right now. Pouliot keeps on scoring. His line with Gio and Gomez is really working. Gomez isn’t worth all the money he’s paid, as we always knew, but he’s doing an ok job I think. And Cammalleri is having a nice little season. Other than that…

Sure, it’s nice that they got a point out of this, but this kind of effort probably won’t be enough to make the playoffs. It’s going to take a great finish to end in the 8 first spots. The habs are still a .500 team, with exactly 51 points in 51 games. They probably need around 40 more points in their last 31 games to make it. I’m not sure they have it in them.

It’s frustrating, because once more, it looks like a lost season. Not good enough to make the playoffs (or to have a serious chance, if they make it), but not bad enough to end up with a good draft pick. That’s the curse of mediocre teams. This is why the Panthers never really improve. They’re always stuck between the 8th and 12th spots. And it means you’re also stuck at the trade deadline. The habs can’t really be buyers (or at least I don’t think they should) because it’s not worth it. But they can’t really be sellers either. That would be officially giving up on the season, which is something Gainey probably can’t afford to do in the last year of his contract as a GM.

I know it’s too soon to throw the towel, because 31 games is still a lot. Maybe the habs will surprise everyone and prove me wrong. I hope they do.

But well, if they don’t, I guess we still have our fun Bulldogs to watch!

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Prepare yourself for some goals

The Saint Louis Blues. One of my favourite hockey teams.

Unfortunately for them, Jacques Martin will unleash his two latest secret offensive weapons tonight:

Mathieu Darche

Ryan O’Byrne

There will be blood.

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Please enjoy your Clinch responsibly, habs fans!

Let’s enjoy this one. The season has been tough, but my dear habs clinched a playoff spot yesterday. That’s all that matters today. That was a hell of a game. The kind of game that reminds you why you love hockey, even after a disappointing season. It had everything. Goals, a lot of tension, penalties, a loud crowd, scrums, a nailbiting suspense. Just amazing. It’s sad the habs were not rewarded with a win in the end, but let’s not be too picky.

I’ll wait to see who the habs will play in the first round to tell you my feelings about the playoffs. But as I already said, I really hope they can avoid the Bruins and play the Capitals. Firstly, because to be honest I’m a bit fed up with the Bruins. Montreal faced them a little too often in the playoffs over the last few years for my taste, and I’d prefer to see a different team. Then, because I think a series against the caps would be pretty fun to watch. They rely on speed and offense, and that could turn out to be an exciting series. And there’s also the potential return of Theodore in Montreal, which could be pretty funny.

But the last reason why I would rather see a habs/caps matchup is because I don’t think I could survive 4 games like yesterday’s second period. My heart is too fragile. Hockey Gods, my health is at stake, you HAVE to take that into consideration!

Meanwhile, in the West, I hope the Blues will make it. And I hope they will leapfrog the Ducks. Because then, I’d like to see the Ducks crushed by the Sharks, while the Blues upset the Red Wings. That may not be very likely, but that’s my dream scenario. But anyway, I’ll have time to talk about my playoffs hopes and previsions between the end of the regular season and the start of the series.

For now, let’s go Blues!!


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Habs secret plan revealed

Okay, well, it seems like I was completely off with my prediction… What a shitty game! I just watched the 2 first periods, but that was enough to know they wouldn’t get a W last night. Just like last year in the playoffs, Biron arrived in Montreal with bad numbers, but looked like Luongo against the canadiens.

The habs seemed to have plenty of chances in the first period, including several power plays, but were never really dangerous. By the way, it now sure seems like Streit played indeed an important part in last year’s great PP numbers. This year, habs PP ranks 20th in the nhl. Hum, that sucks.

Laraqu’em sock’em did destroy a flyer early in the first, probably to answer his critics, and try to wake up his teammates, but that was really not enough. As the game went on, you could just feel the flyers would calmly score one or two goals, and control the game. Which they did. As I said, I haven’t seen the third period, but nothing changed.

Now, Montreal doesn’t look too good. After a good start of the season, they are really struggling now. But then of course, it could totally be part of a grand strategy. They are maybe just trying to suck enough so that when they will inevitably all be voted into the all star game, the rest of the league will be left in a state of shock, wondering if Tanguay is really better than Ovechkin, Malkin and Crosby. This is probably just a Machiavellian plan to demoralize all the stars of the 29 other teams at once. I can already see Gainey and Carbo devising this in the secret cave underneath the bell center, and laughing hysterically… Now that’s brilliant, Bob!

The Bobcave underneath the Bell center

So tonight, they’re playing in Saint Louis. The blues seemed pretty good early in october, but they’re struggling too now. I think they may be having the same plan than Bob. They just forgot to tell their fans to stuff the ballot vote. What a mistake.

Prediction: 3-1 habs.


In other news, Melrose was canned. Yes, we all know that. But it’s sad his original approach to coaching did not get rewarded. He apparently tried to sing all his instructions to his players this year.