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The return of the Beard-o-meter (and yeah, I’m still alive)

*opens the door*

Anyone here? Eww, it smells like no one opened the windows in about 3 months here.

Ahem. Yeah. Lets be honest, this blog is as good as dead. I have less time to do silly photoshops, and honestly, I discovered I liked tweeting just as much as blogging. Sure it’s nice to take the time to craft a nice little post, and to develop your thoughts in more than just 140 characters, but I like that twitter still allows me to vent after a loss, rejoice after a win (which was my main goal when I started this blog), be snarky or whatever, and if my tweet is well written, it’ll get a response right away. AND above all, it’s just as efficient (or even more actually) to procrastinate!

But anyway, I decided not to officially close this place, and I think I’ll just come back here from time to time, if I want to.

Like now. Because as you know, the playoffs are just around the corner! Crazy, I know. And so I feel like I HAVE to respect the tradition of posting my predictions under the form of the now time-tested beard-o-meter. It’s the third edition of the beard-o-meter, and the concept is still just as ridiculously simple as three years ago:

“The further you go into the playoffs, the longer the beards get.”

Yeah, I told you it was simple. Anyway, here are my official predictions for the 2011 nhl playoffs!

Yup. I picked the Red Wings. So you can take it to the bank: they have no chance. I successfully jinxed the Sharks two years in a row, and this time, it’s the Red Wings’ turn.

I picked the Preds as my “random team that decides to mess everyone’s predictions and reach the Conference finals” in the West. I  could see Tampa doing the same in the East. Mostly because they have Coach with them, so really, they have to win at least two rounds.

I had to pick Montreal over Boston. And I really wanted to pick Buffalo over Philly, but that meant too many upsets in the first round, so I went with the Flyers. I think the Caps are much better suited for the playoffs than last year. And I don’t think Vancouver will win it all. That’s the President’s trophy curse. So there you go!

For the record, here are my picks for last season. Yeah, that turned out great. :)


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