2012 Playoffs: Beard-o-meter, edition 4!

Well, this blog is as dead as the habs 2012 season. But there’s one thing I still like to post every year: my silly playoffs beard-o-meter.

As usual, the concept is pretty simple:

“The further you go into the playoffs, the longer the beards get.”

Yep, exactly like last year. Anyway, here is the 2012 beard-o-meter:


The Pens! Yes, crazy uh? That wouldn’t be a huge surprise, seeing their lineup, but yeah.I tried to pick a few upsets, but I couldn’t really see a real cinderella like Tampa last season.

In the East, I picked the Panthers over the Devils, mostly because I didn’t see a lot of people giving them a chance and because the devils have really sucked in the playoffs over the last few years. No other real surprise in the first round. but I think the Sens actually have a good chance against NY.

In the West, I decided to be a little bolder and I picked the coyotes over the Hawks and the Preds over the Wings. Those would not be huge upsets, but still. I hope the Blues can get as far as I predicted here, but unfortunately, I don’t think they can get much further. Hopefully they prove me wrong.

And in the SCF, I just can’t see the Canucks beating the Pens, so there you go!

Now let the habs-less playoffs start! Let’s go Blues!


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