Savoring the day before the puck drops

Today is the last day of the preseason. And that’s a beautiful day. Everyone starts with a blank slate. Everything is still possible. On the stats and standings page, the Caps and the Leafs still have the same number of goals scored. Gorges has exactly as many points as Kovalchuk. Chris Osgood has the same save % as Luongo. Edmonton and San Jose are exactly tied in the playoffs race.

I love this day, because no matter what team you root for, and no matter what that team’s objectives are, they still are reachable. Even better, there is still the possibility that your team could do better than you expect. And there is still a chance that this other team you hate with every fiber of your being might just completely choke this season.

I like this day because today you can still hope crazy stuff will magically happen in 2010-2011. Maybe Semin learned to fight this summer and turned into a fantastic enforcer; maybe Kostitsyn (the old one) realized it’s a contract year and will start playing like his (precious) hair is on fire and scoring at will; maybe Benoit Brunet learned to speak French; maybe Pronger went through a spiritual encounter this summer and decided to turn away from Evil and do Good; maybe Lucic learned to read… who knows?? It’s STILL possible!

I also like this day, because as of today, there is still a spot to be taken in my heart as my 2010-2011 secondary team. Well that’s not entirely true, I already have an official secondary team with the Blues this season. But there is room for another team that I will start to randomly like. That could be you, Florida. Or you, Nashville. Uh, no, not you Boston, forget it.

Anyway, the season starts tomorrow, and it will soon bring a dose of hard cold facts in the way of our dreams and fantasies. Until then, enjoy the last moments where everything is still possible for 2010-2011!


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