Here we go again

Halak gets traded after his great playoffs –> Some fans are upset –> The media spend their summer asking how the fans will react if Price has a bad game –> Price struggles during the first half of the first preseason game –> Some morons overreact by booing/mocking him –> The media overreact about the fans overreaction and treat this as a major news story


To be honest, I’m not blaming the media alone on this one, but yeah, it’s just annoying to see every single insignificant event overblown when it comes to the habs. Some morons booed Price. Big deal. It’s stupid, and yes, it’s way premature to react negatively after the first half of a freaking preseason game. But please, did it really deserve all that attention? Wouldn’t it be better for the players to be able to focus on what really matters (preparing the upcoming season) rather than having to defend their goalie? I know it’s how things are in Montreal, and I’m a bit hypocritical because as a fan living far away from my favorite team, I certainly enjoy the fact that there are lots of media covering it and many sources of info about the habs. But I wish we could do without some of the drama.

(and a last word about the picture here: This is an obviously modified a cartoon from Daryl Cagle that I originally found there, just in case anyone is interested.)


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