Why I’ll never operate large mechanical devices

I’m annoyed by the condescending tone used by Greg Wyshynski when he talks about the shootout. I know he hates it, and that’s fine, but he doesn’t need to keep painting the fans who actually enjoy it (like me) as complete morons who don’t know anything about hockey. Here is how he started his latest rant on the topic:

“Let’s get one thing straight: There are a great many NHL fans that enjoy the shootout in the same way one enjoys, say, a pie fight to end an old Hollywood comedy.

But if these same people believe the shootout is a satisfactory way to determine the victor after 65 minutes of a team competition, there’s a very good chance they also enjoyed a screening of “Vampires Suck” this weekend, too … and probably shouldn’t be allowed to operate large mechanical devices.”

Oh thanks for enlightening us with your great wisdom M. Wyshynski. Now, excuse me while I go back to eating crayons.


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