A weird blog post with an unnecessarily long title and a very short and disappointing content, but don’t leave already there is a good reason for this, wait no, there are actually several reasons and I will now list them: 1. It’s an homage to Pookie and Schnookie from “Interchangeable Parts” and their own record-breaking long blog post titles, 2. It’s another plot to keep this blog updated during summer without actually thinking too hard about writing interesting content, and 3. This is actually a scientific experiment intended to figure out how long a post title can be on wordpress, so i’ll just keep on typing over and over until their servers start fuming and eventually blow up in a huge and deadly but also very pretty fireball, shutting down the whole Internet in the process. Muahahahahahahahahahaha! Uh, I mean, sorry about that.

Take that, wordpress!

Thanks for reading. :)


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