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Apparently, Jaro Spacek found some time to escape from his lifeguarding duties to answer a few questions about his personal music/books/movies/etc. tastes for the habs website.

I’m mentioning this because those kind of “get to know your players” interviews that virtually all the professional teams put on their websites tend to really make me laugh. But usually in a “Oh my god these guys are so lame” kind of way. I’m going to take one example here:

Louis Leblanc.

Yes Louis, you knew that was coming. But you deserve it. The habs have a feature on their site where they ask players to disclose a few titles they have on their MP3 players. Usually, that’s pretty bad. If it’s a veteran, you’ll find some U2 and Coldplay, probably some Nickelback (ugh!), sometimes there’s some Metallica too. If it’s a younger guy, you might find some hip hop. If it’s Carey Price, you’ll find… well just country music.  But I digress.

Yeah… Louis Leblanc. Sigh. I know musical tastes vary and I don’t want to sound all elitist and stuff, but that list was just plain awful, dude. S CLUB 7!? And this is the future Habs captain? Trade this bum out of Montreal right now, Pierre.

Uh errm, sorry, hang up the phone Pierre, I got carried away.

What I’m trying to say is, those lists very rarely improve my personal opinion of a player. It does happen though. Occasionally, among crap you can find a true gem. Like say, the immortal “Final Countdown” from Europe on Sergei Kostitsyn’s list. I still can’t believe it’s there, and it makes me want to hug you Sergei. Or Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go on the otherwise forgettable list of Josh Gorges. (Of course Josh. Of course it had to be you…)

And there’s Jaro Spacek. His “Essentials” list makes no sense, and it’s a mess. It starts with this answer, about what movie people should see:

Casino. I like that genre of movie. It feels like real life – the way things actually happen. I think people can learn a lot from watching those kinds of movies

I LOVED that answer. Casino feels like real life. Well it certainly doesn’t feel like my life, but that must be because I don’t play in the nhl… And the answer where he tries to be funny about the Internet site he’d recommend is probably my favourite. This guy is so weird and quirky. I just cannot not root for him.



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