Funny night

My night yesterday:

I’ve rarely seen stuff go this bad in a matter of minutes on an otherwise perfectly normal night.

You know what I’m talking about of course. Halak was traded, and while everyone was freaking out because the habs only got two unknown prospects in return, Mexico was busy ousting France from the World Cup.


To be honest, the football result is not what shocked/upset me the most. Sure I would have loved to see les Bleus go further. Unlike most of France, I like Raymond Domenech and that would have been really fun to see the French media having to eat some crow after months of relentless coach bashing. I like Raymond because I love how he deals with the media. He’s embroiled in a war with them, and he just never misses an occasion to taunt them or annoy them. He answers sarcastically to every question they ask. His press conferences are more awkward than those of Chris Pronger. This 2010 national team is probably the least popular équipe de France I have ever seen. I think it would have been hilarious to see that bunch of guys go deep, especially seeing how they got their ticket to South Africa.

Well, unless a miraculous turning of events happens, this won’t be. That’s ok. Yesterday, Mexico was far better.

So of course, the other big news was Jaroslav.

He’s gone, and this hurts. Let me start by saying that it makes sense for the habs. I don’t think it’s a necessarily an awful move. Everyone knew they had a tough choice to make. They picked Price over Halak, and honestly I can’t say this is a terrible decision. I just don’t know yet. I would have felt a little uncomfortable too if they had dealt Price. I have faith in Carey, and I don’t think the Habs are screwed this morning.

As for the return, of course it’s a bit underwhelming, because the two prospects are not big names. We know what we lost, we’re not sure what we got. I think everyone was hoping the return would be bigger or flashier (Wouldn’t it have been funny to get D’Agostini back from the Blues? Wait no… it wouldn’t have been.) But it’s stupid to jump at Gauthier’s throat already. The goalie market is what it is. When was the last time a goalie fetched a very good return right away? The Habs got two prospects I don’t know much about, but apparently Lars Eller is good. If Price performs like we know he can, and if Eller becomes a good player, this won’t be a bad trade. (And Schultz looks less promising today, but who knows, he might be a good surprise like Gorges and Pyatt in the past)

But of course, no matter what the return is, it really stings because it’s Jaro. If you read this blog a little bit, you know I like Jaro a lot. It’s tough to see one of your favorite guys go away, no matter the circumstances. So I feel a little empty today, and it’s going to take a little while to swallow this move.

There’s a last thing I want to say too. Last night was really weird for me, because I’ve always really liked both the Mexican football team and the Saint Louis Blues. About Mexico, I think it dates back to the 1998 world cup. They’re one of my secondary teams during every World Cup, and they routinely disappoint me. Well they didn’t yesterday… About the Blues, this has nothing to do with yesterday, I’ve always liked them and this is not a bandwagon thing.  I mentioned this as soon as I started this blog. I actually think that out of the 29 other teams, this is probably the place where I’m the least unhappy to see Jaro go. It won’t be too difficult for me to root for them next year and in the upcoming seasons. Their future looks pretty bright, and that makes me happy.

So yeah, it was a very weird night yesterday.

Now bye bye Jaro. I really enjoyed rooting for you as a hab. You’ll remain one of my favorite guys in the league.

Ďakujem Jaro!

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