Reaction 1: anger and pettiness

Maybe I should try to be a good person and aknowledge that the flyers did a good job, and did not even play dirty in this series. I thought I would be able to do that this morning.

Well, no fucking way.

I hate the Flyers more than I ever did, and I hope they suffer the most heart-wrenching loss in the history of sports at the hands of the Hawks. I want them to believe they have it in the bag before they lose it in a humiliating fashion. I want their loss to be so bad that no one can remember what they did to get in the finals. I want their players to suffer dumb and ridiculous injuries. I want Leighton to allow 6 goals in the first period of the first game, and be replaced by their 7th goalie or something (with a tv shot of his family crying in their seats). I want that 7th goalie to allow 5 more goals in 6 shots so that the Flyers are forced to put Leighton back in even if he’s still crying in the locker room. I want Toews to stick his tongue out at Carcillo and the Flyers bench after every goal he scores in this series. I want Niemi to get 4 shutouts. I want to hear Chelsea Dagger 12498 times in the next two weeks. I want Richards to finally get elbowed in the freaking face. I want Byfuglien to score 10 goals with his ass parked in Pronger’s face in that series. I want Hartnell’s hair to get caught in Asham’s skates during a scramble in front of the Flyers net, resulting in an OT goal for the Hawks (in Philadelphia). I want the Flyers drought to last 30 more years.


Aaaaaah that was bitter and petty but that felt good…

(a more positive “Reaction 2” post should follow soon)


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