Beard-o-meter, season 2!

Here’s the return of the beard-o-meter, my exclusive playoffs prediction chart. The deeper teams go into the playoffs, the better their beards look like. Quite simple, really.

Yes, I made the same mistake as last year, I picked the Sharks to win it all.

I picked the Coyotes as my main playoffs trouble maker this season. This is not really original, because everyone seems to be in love with them, but there’s definitely something feeling good about that team. I have them beating Detroit and then upsetting the Hawks. Sorry Cristobal… :(

I picked New Jersey to do some noise in the East. If they go through the first round without too much damage, I really think they can be dangerous.

I think the Caps would beat Pittsburgh in the 2nd round if they have to meet there, which is a real possibility.

And a last word about the Habs. I see them causing some trouble to the Caps, but probably not enough to end their season right away. I sure hope I’m wrong, though!


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