Uh oh…

To begin with, I CAN’T BELIEVE there are only 12 games left in the season.

Now trust me, I really want to be very cautious. I should know better… but I can’t help it:

I’m slowly getting excited by the habs, and the upcoming playoffs.

Rosy glasses, I found you back.

At this point it’s not even certain the Habs will indeed make it. And realistically, the prospect of facing either the Capitals, the Penguins, the Devils or the Sabres should be more scary than exciting. But… it looks like the habs are getting hot at the exact right time. It’s almost too good to be true. They struggled during most of the season, and suddenly, they seem to be getting healthy at the perfect moment, they get on a winning streak, and their lines seem to be clicking again.

Really, I know it’s completely unreasonable but… I’m feeling hopeful!

Stomach, prepare to get punched.

[I stoled that last line from an old Bill Simmons column he wrote about the Bruins during the 2008 NHL playoffs. I’m not really a fan of Simmons, but that line struck me for some reason, and to this day, it often comes to my mind when something feels a little too good to be true.]


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