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I just wanted to post a little something here. So here are some random thoughts that crossed my mind since I left you.

1. I loooooooooooove the Olympics so much. And not only the hockey part. It’s not very original, because everyone has been saying the same since it started, but I’m in love with watching random sports at random hours.

2. Sports I really enjoyed: Snowboard and ski cross. Fast paced, spectacular, really tense, and very easy to follow. Perfect.

3. Sports I really enjoyed, part 2: Biathlon. The fact that France won some medals there probably helped, but I’m fascinated by this sport. I’m amazed by the way these athletes are able to control themselves to shoot with accuracy at tiny targets, in the middle of their race. The concept of this sport is brilliant. Miss some shots and you have to do more skiing. But ski too fast, and you’re likely to miss some shots. Really outstanding.

4. Something that bothered me: The way people pretend not to understand curling, and make fun of that sport. Seriously, we know it’s a weird sport, we know it’s slow and odd. But pretending you don’t understand how it works is just ridiculous. It’s waaaaaay easier to understand than baseball for instance. (Or maybe that’s just because pétanque is a national sport here, and it’s basically the same concept, just not on ice. Baseball on the other hand… let’s just say it took me some time to figure it out!)

5. Hockey has been wonderful so far. One of the things I really liked about the hockey tournament: watching games that are not constantly interrupted by commercial breaks. And It’s getting even better tonight, with THE big game, USA-Switzerland. Just kidding. I’ll root for Switzerland, Finland (sorry Pleky), Slovakia (Go Jaro!), and I’m really torn between Russia and Canada…

6. Time zones blow, episode 3245478 : Tonight, Russia-Canada starts at 1.30am, Finland-Czech Republic starts at 4am, and Slovakia-Sweden at 6am… It’s going to be tough.

7. French announcers are butchering hockey names too: Ingila (and it’s not a slip, they say it that way EVERY time), Mowow (that’s Morrow), Tornton (to be fair, pronouncing “TH” with a proper English accent is a nightmare for most of us…). And I’m not even speaking of Russian or Scandinavian names!

8. Just because this is technically still a habs blog, go check this out: it’s a gallery of habs players drawn by children, posted on the Montreal Gazette website. They love their goalies in Quebec!

Carey Price by Cate Paterson, 8

(That’s an interesting concept of enlarged nets, by the way… :P )


Now just a last word, the issues keeping me away from the blog are still there, so I’m not sure when I’ll be back to posting more regularly. I hope things will get back to normal soon. Sorry I’m not more specific, but that’s a family thing, so yeah, that’s personal… See you soon!


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