He fooled us all

I think I made an important discovery.

As you know, Josh Gorges was hit in the head by a slapshot fired by Mike Green yesterday. He layed motionless on the ice for a few very scary moments. And he finally got up and retreated to the dressing room, aided by the team doctors. His head was bleeding pretty badly.

But what did we learn today? Josh Gorges is skating with his teammates as if nothing happened.

Hmmmm. This is strange.

There is only one logical explanation:

Josh Gorges is, in fact, a robot.

Josh, without his human disguise

If you think about it, it really makes sense. Bob Gainey, being the astute GM that he is… err… was, immediately understood that the young Carey Price, a lonely Western goaltender unprepared for the hardness of Montreal, and upon whom rested the hopes of the franchise, would need help. Even better, he would need a friend. Josh Gorges was born. He immediately became Carey’s best buddy and accomplished his task faultlessly.

He fooled us all…

And finally, it took a slapshot no human being could have recovered from this easily to understand his secret… The old man who was called on the ice yesterday to help the team doctor was not a doctor. He was probably the engineer that built our little robot. And what we thought was blood was certainly oil, or some other hydraulic fluid.

Wow. It really makes you wonder if there are other robots around the league. Thinking about it, I think Sean Avery must be some sort of robot whose circuits are defective. There is no other explanation for his erratic behavior…


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