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The habs are just painful to follow right now. So rather than writing the same depressing stuff about them over and over again, I’ve decided to focus on something more interesting: our prospects.

You might remember that Petteri Similä (who was one of Finland’s goalies during the last WJC) was recently traded from the Niagara Icedogs to the Barry Colts in the OHL. But instead of never playing there, he chose to go back to Finland.

I just found out where he is now: on the great Habs Prospects website, it is reported that he signed a two seasons  (the remaining of 2009-10 and 2010-2011) contract with KalPa Kuopio of the SM-Liiga. And he was apparently assigned to KalPa Jr in the Finland Jr A league. I have no idea what the Finnish Junior A league is worth, but I assume he’ll play more there than he would have in Barrie or Niagara. Maybe this is just for the current season and he’ll get a chance to play in the SM-Liiga next season.

Anyway, I went to the KalPa Kupio website, and even though I couldn’t understand a single word, I found a short interview of Similä.

My devoted team of highly trained interpreters was immediately assigned to work on this.

The Soft European’s translation department

Here is what they came up with:

20/01/2010: Peter Similä: Kuopio, it is possible to succeed – an update

19 years old and as much as 196-centimeter, in NHL goaltender for the promise of Peter Similä KalPan signed with the length of one and a half year contract.

Team of young men and raameilla market participants would certainly have been others. KalPaan Why?
– KalPa is a good organization and here is a good chance the glass ceiling. Kuopio is a hard disc, and boom here it is possible to succeed. Oneself is eager to succeed and reach the glass ceiling.

Is the NHL a clear objective?
– The most important thing is that I get to play much. NHL is a dream and a goal, but not such that should be intended by each day. Concentrate on the here and now and to where I am.

What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses?
– Strengths include the size and movement, time to navigate through the very size of this goalkeeper, they are the big strengths of the first sense. Vulnerability is surely that experience has not been much yet, but no one has yet seen at this age. I need a lot of games under yet.

Is the City of Kuopio familiar?
– Here are the relatives, sister, mother and cousin of up to two sons. Mother asuikin here sometimes. I look forward to that time to get more familiar to the city.

What was uppermost in mind World Junior Championships?
– A great experience. It was the only time that I got the matches. It was the aim, and I got there. The world’s best juniors than there were the face. Much was left to learn from your hand.

Did you get an NHL team or a reserve of young people through the SM-league?
– In February, I’m young team for the first time, and again a bit later in Russia, the games went quite well. A: scoutteja was also in the following excerpts from the mass. Kärpät with the trial fell short of the series, but we were there, still playing hard men. Among other things, Mikael Granlund, Joni Pekkala and Joonas Komulainen.

Niagara fell gaming time as it unfolds. Gameplay reasons?
– Self needs to look in the mirror, self, it is closed, however. It would have more opportunities to have access, but the competition is so fierce that, who is the finish, the reels must be addressed. Guy played really well and is currently in a future NHL draftin number one in all the OHL’s goaltender.

At the beginning of the year we moved to Niagara IceDogsista Barrie Coltsiin as part of a multi-player trade. How was the decision to return to Europe?
– There was a goalkeeper and played the best set of almost all the matches. Around the same time there with his transfer took another hard team goalkeeper. I looked at that, it makes more sense to look for another club and seek playing time elsewhere.


Well as you can imagine, I immediately fired all my Finnish interpreters. What a bunch of spoiled incompetents!  Damn, they even translated Petteri to Peter… To send the message that mediocrity will not be tolerated on the Soft European blog, the remaining interpreters won’t get candies for the next 2 weeks.

I’m all for child labor, and I try to be a good boss (I just put new blankets in their cages) but Jeez! These kids nowadays!  They’re really tough to work with…

Anyway, uh… sorry about that, I hope you found this nearly incomprehensible interview interesting on a slow news day.


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