See you in 2010!

This is where I’ll spend the next 5 days. We rented a big house in the middle of nowhere with about 20 friends to celebrate New Year’s Eve together. As you see, it’s really isolated. There will be no Internet. So I’ll miss all the hockey until Jan 3. Of course, yes, that includes a certain game played in Boston on January 1…

I’m not really complaining because this will be a lot of fun. But this means you’ll be missing my fantastic writing skills for a few days. Sooorry…

Anyway, I wish you an entire year of great hockey, with

– plenty of this

– tons of pretty stuff like this and this

– a little more of those

– none of that. Never again.

– just a few more goals like this

– and of course, if we’re very very lucky, maybe… hmm, you know what.

Happy 2010!


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