Habs need discipline

Maybe a little motivational speech can help.

You had best stop taking stupid penalties or I will unscrew your head and shit down your neck!


Tonight, Montreal takes on the Thrashers in Atlanta. There are 3 little things I want you to do, habs.

– I know the PK rocks, but taking penalties over and over again completely gives the momentum to the other team, and it tires the entire defense. I don’t want to see that again.

– Also, start playing before the second period begins. It’s getting annoying to always see you having to fight back in the second and the third period after completely missing the first period.

– And finally, stop allowing all those freaking shots. I know the numbers don’t tell the whole story, I know a lot of those shots are not dangerous. But if the other team was able to shoot the puck so much, it means they also had the puck all night long, and spent the evening in your zone. Not good.

Seriously, hockey is SO simple… :)


UPDATE, The day after

I don’t feel like writing a whole post. I asked 3 things yesterday, let’s see if the Habs listened to me:

– don’t take stupid penalties: 7 minor penalties, including the dumbest of the night by Metropolit, in the last minute of a 3-3 game. Of course, Atlanta scored on the ensuing PP in OT. I love Metro, but that was terrible. Thanks for nothing.

– Play in the first period: Montreal actually listened on that one. They ended the first period with a 1 goal lead. Only problem, they completely stopped caring in the second period once they scored  a second goal. Thanks for nothing.

– Don’t get outshot again: yesterday’s stats: Atlanta 35 SOG, plus 21 shots blocked by the Habs. Montreal,  19 shots, plus 8 blocked by the Thrashers. Thanks for nothing.

That was a shitty effort. And a very very frustrating game to watch. Especially for someone who stayed up until 3AM to watch. So yes, I’m pissed at you Habs, and I’m bitching.


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