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This is a special week for Montreal. The habs centennial celebrations will finally come to an end on Friday, with the game against the Bruins. To celebrate the end of the celebrations, here are a few videos of the introduction of the Habs All Time team that was presented at the Montreal Forum for the Habs 75th Anniversary, back in 1984 (I assume). It was recently posted on HF Boards, and I really wanted to share it here, because the last part is especially great and funny. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (there’s a little glitch at the start, but watch it anyway)

Aurele Joliat… 83 years old?! What a show!

I wonder who’s the oldest living player in the Habs history now. Maybe we’ll find out on Friday…


Just a word about the state of the Habs. I really like what I’m seeing. Sure, this is still a .500 team, which is not very impressive, and not enough to make the playoffs (82 points won’t cut it). But this is a team that’s battling through injuries, and it’s doing pretty well. And it’s fun to watch. Everyone speaks about character, and I think it’s well deserved. This is really a complete change from what we were used to see over the last few seasons. The games are always close, even against some of the best teams in the league. They never give up, even when they’re down one or two goals, and the youngsters are not looking out of place, which is a nice surprise.

Overall, I have to say I’m now fully enamored with this team. It’s not a complete surprise, because I wasn’t really expecting to turn my back on the habs, but it’s a nice feeling after all the angst caused by the massive changes of this summer. It took me a while to get used to the new faces, but I really like what I’m seeing now. Gomez is probably the guy I’m still the most uncomfortable with. But other than that, it’s fine. I’m especially high on Cammalleri, which surprises me a lot. Frankly, when he arrived, I was excited because he’s a great player, but I didn’t really like his personality. He always seemed like the perfect child. The overly polite one, always smiling and saying the right things. I thought it was a little boring, and maybe a little superficial. But I’m now fully on the Cammie bandwagon. Sure he is still always saying the right things with a pretty smile on his face, but he is also quite honest with the media when the team sucks. And he seems to be enjoying a lot playing for Montreal. And well, the fact that he’s scoring goals and playing hard is nice too. :)


Bravo aux Alouettes de Montréal! I’m not really into football, let alone the CFL, but it’s still nice to see the Montreal teams doing well this year. After the Impact, the Als are now champions too. Hum, is there any other team that could follow this trend?? *pokes habs*


I know this post is already too long, but I have an occasion to do a little bit of self-congratulation, so I won’t miss it! There is a tournament of Habs hockey blogs taking place at the NHL Arena forum, and this blog is in the list. You can vote for me there. DO IT!


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