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I’m really happy about my habs right now. They keep on playing well in spite of all the injuries and the adversity, and now they’ve just called up David Desharnais from Hamilton. David is yet another small centerman, but he’s playing really hard in Hamilton, and I remember he was pretty impressive during training camp. I’m really happy for him, and I hope he’ll stay for more than just a cup of coffee.

But that’s not good news for everyone. Chipchura played less than 4 minutes yesterday. If I hear anyone else say that Latendresse didn’t get a fair chance in Montreal, I’ll puke. Latendresse got waaaay more chances to prove himself than Chips. It looks less and less likely that Kyle has a future in Montreal. Martin doesn’t seem to trust him at all. He played for a little while, he seemed to look better and better, but then White and Pyatt arrived. Since then, Chips has only played very sparsely. And since Pouliot can play center and Desharnais is now in Montreal too (even if that’s not for long), it looks like Chips is being leapfrogged again in the depth chart.

Speaking about that, Stewie also looks like he won’t be back to Montreal soon. Apparently, while everyone was looking at Lats and Pouliot, Stewie cleared waivers. Which means his “conditioning stint” in Hamilton is now simply a demotion to the AHL.

That’s a lot of roster moves in a few weeks for the habs. White, Pyatt, Pouliot, Wyman, Sergei K and Desharnais in, Latendresse and Stewart out, Leach claimed on waivers, Carle in and out, Laraque suspended, Spacek, Gio, Gomez, D’agostini injured (and apparently, Andrei Kostitsyn is hurt too today), O’Byrne back… It’s getting really difficult to follow.

Chipchura tries to make it through the habs revolving door

Apparently, as I just mentioned, Andrei K is also hurt, and he could miss tonight’s game… Seriously, it’s getting really weird now. This must be a karmic retribution of some sort, although I’m not sure what the habs did to deserve that!

If Andrei is out and replaced by Desharnais, the habs lineup could feature 8 players who have played less than 100 nhl games in their career, including 4 who have played less than 10. Those 8 players (O’Byrne, Chipchura, Pacioretty, Leach, White, Pyatt, Wyman and Desharnais) have combined for 250 NHL games… That’s clearly a perfect time to face Crosby, Malkin and the rest of the Stanley Cup champions on the road.

At the same time, the habs are very surprising these days. I thought they’d lose against Washington and they won. I thought they’d lose against Detroit and they got a point. I thought they’d lose against Columbus, and they won again. Just to be safe, I’m fully expecting a loss tonight against Pittsburgh.


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