Allez les Bleus!

Tonight, after the barberpole jerseys, after the christmas jerseys, the Habs will wear yet another uniform reminding everyone that, yeah, they are the oldest in the league.

This time, they’ll wear the first jersey the club ever sported:

I like this one a lot

Unfortunately for the Habs, the opponents will wear a scary jersey: the winged wheel. Not easy.

Montreal played very well yesterday, and deservedly won against the Caps. That was a great game to watch, and I loved to see the Habs fighting for their lives in the last few minutes of the game. It was heroic. O’Byrne showed why the habs missed him when he was injured. Hammer and Spacek played well, once again. They even shut down Ovie, which is pretty impressive. Price was very good once again. That’s 3 dominant performances in a row. He’s back! Another player coming back: AK46.  I also liked Plekanec, as usual.

But that win came at a price: Gomez is inured and won’t play tonight. I know he hasn’t  a lot of points this season, but with the absence of Gionta, it means the habs are now missing the 2/3 of their top line. This provokes another round of lines  juggling from Martin.

Tonight, on the first line, they’ll have Moen, Metro and Cammie. I’m no sure this can eally be called the first line anymore. Pleks will center AK and Pacioretty on the second line. It worked last night, why not continue? Lapierre will be with Pyatt and White on the third line. Finally, Latendresse is sent down to the fourth, with Chipchura and BGL.

I’m a little afraid of a letdown performance tonight. The habs are probably a little tired after the game thay played yesterday. Emotionnaly, they’re probably still a little on a high, and I’m  ot sure this is the best way to approach a game against Detroit. Especially since Detroit lost on Friday. They’ll be pissed.


Remember last week, when I spoke about the 3rd division French team from Nantes, les Corsaires? Well I’m in Nantes with my family this weekend, and I just went to see them play tonight. Yesterday, purely by coincience, my brother asked me if I wanted to go, so I jumped on the opportunity. The game ended in a 3-3 tie, with the opposing team (Clermont) scoring the tying goal with just 57 seconds to go. But it was really fun.

Of course it’s totally pointless to compare what I saw to the nhl. The players are MUCH slower, the game isn’t nearly as physical, and the passes and shots are not as precise as what I’m used to watch. But there was still a lot of intensity. The game was a little scrappy (there were tons of penalties), and a brawl involving both teams (and the 2 complete benches) almost erupted as the game ended in a wild scramble around Clermont’s net. Apparently, the goalie took exception to the forwards trying to score just as the siren was buzzing, and a few punches and shoves were quickly exchanged. Right after that, the two teams lined up in center ice to shake hands (it happens after every game here, and not only after the end of a playoffs series), and all was forgotten. I was also pretty impressed with the crowd. The arena is relatively small (only a few hundred seats), but it was full, and the crowd was really into it.

All things considered, it was a pretty cool evening, and I’m now seriously considering to follow French hockey a little more closely soon!


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