La honte

Yesterday, France met Ireland for a crucial game to determine who would take part in the FIFA soccer world cup in South Africa, next summer. Last week, in the first leg, France had beaten Ireland 1-0 in Dublin. Yesterday, the French only needed a tie in Paris to be qualified. After regulation the score was 1-0 Ireland, and the game went to overtime. Then, Thierry Henry, the French captain, blatantly used his left hand to control the ball just before he made a pass to Gallas, who scored. The referee somehow missed it, and the goal was allowed. The game eventually ended in a 1-1 tie, and France got his ticket to the world cup.

I just want to say I’m really ashamed today. Yes, I was rooting for France, but winning like this is not winning. Henry should be ashamed of himself. This is pathetic.

I think it’s understandable that he controlled the ball that way and made the pass. It happens so fast, it’s a matter of reflexes, and when the ball hits your hand so close to the goal line, you just can’t stop playing right away But then, after the goal was scored, he ran around celebrating wildly, as the Irish were storming the referee to signal him what just happened. Of course, after the game, Henry admitted he touched the ball with his hand. I’m sorry but that’s too late.

I’m happy that the French will be in South Africa for the World Cup. But I’m ashamed of the way it happened.

(On a sidenote, bravo to Algeria. They beat Egypt and will take part in the World Cup for the first time since 1986. There is a strong Algerian community around where I live, and it was pretty crazy yesterday night. Congrats!)


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