1 year and 2 days!

Damn, I missed my own birthday! I started this blog exactly 1 year and 2 days ago. I wasn’t around this weekend to post this on the right date, but I’ll celebrate anyway!

Overall, it has been a shitty year to follow the habs, and the immediate future doesn’t look so bright. But writing this blog has been a LOT of fun. I didn’t really know what to expect when I started this, and I was afraid I wouldn’t find enough things to write about. Fortunately (or unfortunately), the habs provided lots and lots of drama over the last 12 months, and never really left me searching for discussion topics… I wrote about olympic mascots, vampires, Josh Gorges, booing Bettman, how to properly riot, the montreal media, Pucky the Whale, Josh Gorges, the prejudice against Europeans, statistics, sports trophies, Josh Gorges, superstitions, the Hockey Gods, women blogging about hockey, Josh Gorges, and I’ve photoshopped virtually every habs player in ridiculous situations. To a certain extent, I’m still not sure of what this blog is really about.  It’s mostly silly and sometimes a little serious too. But I’m having fun, and that’s why I’m still doing this.

But of course, the best thing about this whole experience has been interacting with you, my beloved readers. You’re not very numerous, but I don’t mind, let’s just say you’re part of  a very exclusive club of awesome people. Everyone of you, especially those who took the time to leave comments, you’re invited to join me for a virtual birthday party, starting right now. (Those of you who read the blog without leaving comments, you’re invited too, but you won’t have cake.)

We definitely know how to party here at the Soft European Headquarters.

Now my dear habs, don’t ruin this celebration, I want a win tonight. You’re playing the freaking Hurricanes. They blow even harder than you do, so don’t mess this one up. Otherwise, I’ll have to ridicule you once again with stupid photoshops. No one wants this.


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