A Warning from the Hockey Gods


Dear Montreal Canadiens,

It appear that yesterday, during the game you played at the Bell Centre against the Toronto Maple Leafs, you repeatedly blatantly tried to provoke us.

First, there was this.

191213-jersey-large-medium.jpgIt was our understanding that we had previously made it very clear we don’t like those jerseys. Do we have to remind you what happened when you wore those uniforms last season? We thought you got the message. So we were a little surprised to see you using them again yesterday.

We initially thought this was just a halloween prank, and we decided to let it go. But then, some of your fans decided to really anger us. With 5 minutes to go in the third period and the Canadiens up by a pair of goals, they decided it was time to sing. Now we don’t mind singing and cheering. Not at all. But there are some songs that should be used very carefully.

“Na na na na hey hey goodbye” is one of them.

You left us no choice, really.

We eventually decided to let you win in the shootout, mostly because we never miss an occasion to tease Toronto, and we thought it would be funny to let Toskala entertain us. And of course, he didn’t disappoint.

But consider yourself warned. Don’t mess with us. Next time, we won’t be so lenient.


Your Hockey Gods.


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