Good times

Yesterday, I did what I rarely do: I watched the habs game in its entirety. And I’m glad I did that, because it was a great game. It started awfully though. I only arrived home during the first period, and just as I started watching, the habs were stuck in their own zone by the Rangers forechecking, they couldn’t clear the puck, and some Ranger immediately scored. Less than 5 minutes later, NY scored again. It was 3-1 Rangers, and I really felt like I jinxed the habs.

But the remaining of the game was MUCH more fun to watch. As you probably know, Cammalleri got a hat trick, and the habs prevailed in OT.

Here is, in no particular order, what made me happy yesterday:

– Beating the rangers is always fun.

– Obviously, the first line. Cammalleri is on a nice streak, Gionta keeps on being awesome, and Gomez… well, he’s playing good too, even if I don’t always notice him. (I wonder how long it’ll take me to fully accept him as a hab. It’s weird).

– Chips. He had a very good game, and a lot of people noticed him. He even got some praise in the coach postgame interview. I hope he’ll stay with the habs this season, and prove he can be a good NHLer.

– Bergeron. I just liked his goal. Because other than that, he really isn’t making a great impression on me so far…

– Jacques Martin. It’s a little tough to assess the work of a coach, so here I’m pretty much just relying on what I feel. But I like the way he explains his choices, and the players seem to be answering well to what he’s asking.

– The team’s character. That’s one of the things I like the most about the 2009-10 habs: they’re not quitting. Guys like Gionta, Cammalleri, Moen seem to have changed a lot of things in the team character. The habs are still a work in progress (last night’s first period showed that), but even when they’re in trouble, they fight to keep the game close. It’s a real change from the teams of the last few seasons. A welcome change.

– the time change in Europe. It’s now wintertime here. So we got an extra hour of sleep last night (well, I spent it watching hockey, but still). But most importantly, it means that until next week (I think), I’m now only 5 hours ahead of the Montreal time zone. 7pm games will start at midnight! Woooo! I love when that happens.

Mystery at Saint Lazare Station

(This sculpture is in front of Gare Saint Lazare, one of Paris’ train stations.)


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