The most dramatic injury in hockey

I’m a little late on this, but I just wanted to say something about the Hartnell finger biting incident.

Every time this happens, I’m HIGHLY amused by the sheer outrage and the apparently terrible pain that a little bite on the finger inevitably provokes.

Now, it’s true that I haven’t been bitten in a long time, so it’s completely possible that I simply forgot how EXTREMELY painful it is. But, you know, we always hear about how tough and courageaous hockey players are, how they can play through pain, and there are numerous stories of NHLers playing with broken ribs, broken jaws and so on. So I’m always surprised to see big guys who happily repeatedly punch each other in the face immediately roll on the floor in agony when someone bites their finger (through a mouthguard and a pair of big gloves).


(I love the completely panicked stare of the team doctor)

And then, the outrage! Not only do they go through this abominable pain, but they immediately have to run to the bench, find a doctor, and call the referees to show them the extent of the injury, with scandalized faces and big gestures. I love how the whole scene is so dramatic.


Oh, the Humanity!

And it’s funny because it works just about every time this happens. Just remember a few months ago, when Jarkko Ruutu decided to see what Andrew Peters fingers taste like:


Aïe Aïe Aïe Aïe Aïe!


Look at this, everyone, this is a gross violation of the most sacred principles of human decency! He… he bit me!


Just a last word: I’m leaving tomorrow morning for 2 days. I won’t be back until sunday night, so have a good weekend everyone!


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