The twilight zone

Get ready, because some of the pictures I’ve gathered after the jump are ugly. Really ugly.



getty images

getty images

This one is clearly less vomit inducing. Because I couldn’t care less about the Preds, and because honestly, Bouillon was a nice guy, but I’m not missing him too much.

Meh. I care even less about Tanguay. He wasn’t there long enough for me to really like him. I think he’ll have a good season playing with Vinny though.

Mark Blinch/Reuters

Mark Blinch/Reuters

This one’s funny because it’s a typical Steve Begin pic: fighting, with his helmet off. We’ve seen hundreds of those with Steve in a habs jersey, getting beaten up fighting someone from the Bruins. Usually Shawn Thornton.

This one hurts. Robert Lang really conquered everyone’s heart in only a few months in Montreal.  I started to like him the day after he signed with the habs, when he arrived at the bell centre, and said to the journalists, all smiles, that he just drove all the way from Chicago to get there. I’m happy his career is not over, but it’s a shame his stay in Montreal ended this way.

Tom still looks exactly the same. I hope everything works out for him in Carolina. I miss him, even if Moen is doing a fine job replacing him.

And finally, of course…


(NB: I’ve volontarily excluded Mike K. from this, because we’ve already seen way too many ugly pics of him in his new blue and white jersey…)


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