Habs on tour!

Woohoo, it’s day 1 of the 2009-10 season! Finally!

So, with a new season comes a new feature for the blog. This season, we have hired a famous singer to introduce you every habs matchup, thanks to her amazing wardrobe. Go ahead, Shania!



Oooh yeah, a big Leafs/Habs game! Thank you Shania, that was awesome. (By the way, when I say “every” habs matchup, that’s supposed to mean “every habs matchup that I’ll bother making a preview of”)

What a way to start the season… An opportunity to spoil the Leafs home opener! Youpi! Of course, this is going to be a special game, for many reasons, that are very well known: It’s the start of the season for both teams; the Leafs are a big and tough team whereas the habs are (supposedly) small, soft  and fast; it’s the first occasion we’ll have to get a taste of the new habs for a real game; and finally of course, there’s this whole Komisarek affair.

Frankly, I hope the habs don’t focus on him too much. I expect him to be pretty fired up and to deliver a few bone crushing hits, to the delight of Toronto’s fans. Fair enough. Now unless he really plays dirty (and I don’t really think that’s what he usually does), there’s no reason to call for Laraque or someone else to kick his butt. The habs would be smart not to target him. There’s no need to take stupid penalties just to send a message to a former teammate. He’s not much of an offensive threat anyway.

Other than that, I’m glad that the new habs already got a little taste of the mess they’ve stepped into yesterday, thanks to Sergei and the media. Sergei, you’re a dumb fuck. Seriously. You have a chance to play in a hockey mad city, for one of the most  storied franchise in the nhl, which happens to be the place where your own brother plays. You even have a chance to be his linemate soon. And you ask for a trade because you are sent to the AHL? Do I need to remind you you’ve been drafted in the 7th round, and you’ve only played 38 AHL games so far? It’s pretty extraordinary you even got the chance to play in the nhl already… You have talent, that’s for sure. But that’s not nearly enough to be successful.

I sure hope someone talks to him soon. I don’t know, just tell him the nightlife is less exciting in Columbus or Phoenix, maybe that’ll make him think a little.

And about the media: why are we supposed to be surprised/worried because the habs will start the season without a captain? Koivu is gone, as are half the players from last year. Of course it’ll take  some time for new leaders to emerge. What’s the point of rushing to settle on someone, only to realize there’s someone else better suited for the job in 3 months?

Wooo! The season has not even started and I’m already all cranky! :D


So, the habs start their season tonight with a big 5 games roadtrip accross Canada. Be careful NHL, here come the new habs!

habs bus

(I think Paul Mara is going to be in all of my photoshops from now on. I love his picture)

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