Summary of a great month

Montreal summary

Here it is. I’m home in Paris, after a fantastic month in Montréal. It was very special for me to be back in this very special place. I spent arguably the best year of my life there, 6 years ago. I made true and durable friendships there. This city, and that year changed me. I’m in love with Montréal, its atmosphere, its two (and many more) languages, its bars, its hockey team, its sounds, its metro, its parks, its streets, and of course its people.

I’m happy because I was able to quench a bit my hockey thirst while I was there. Which is nice, because it completely reconciled me with the habs, after a bad season and a difficult summer. I visited the Bell centre, I watched a preseason game in a bar, and of course, I actually went to a game in person. All of this with EP, which made it even better. By the way, it was the first time I met someone in person because of this blog, and it was awesome!

It’s more than late, but I promised it, so here is a short pictures recap of the game I attended a week ago (already!?), against the Pens. (click the pictures to enlarge them. And sorry about the first picture of the post also showing up in the photo gallery, let’s just blame wordpress for this, instead of my own ineptitude)

à bientôt Montréal!


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