The Bell centre rocks!

I’m in Montreal. I can’t really believe I can type those words, but it’s delightful.

So far, I’ve been pretty busy, so I haven’t had much time to enjoy the city. But yesterday, I took the opportunity to get lunch with the great EP from Shifts ans Sets, and then we took a guided tour of the Bell Centre. This is something I highly recommend to anyone interested in the habs or simply hockey. It was GREAT. For most of the tour, which lasted 45 minutes, I could only say very smart things like Ooh, Aah, and Wow. I was speechless. It was funny, because most of the people involved were, too. It was almost like visiting a church. No one dared to speak too loud (even the two ladies who were leafs fans).

We first sat for a little while in the lower bowl. It was impressive to see the place completely empty like that.

P1020291(No that’s not me on the picture. I look almost like that, though)

Then, we visited Youppi ville, a shrine to the famous orange mascot. We then went to the media lounge, and climbed to the press gallery. Oh My God. The view from upstairs is just breathtaking. Getting paid to get there 42 times a year is… hmmm, pretty cool.

P1020308Then, we went through various private lounges (the alumni players lounge, the players wives lounge…), before we finally visited the locker room. I knew exactly what it looked like, because of all the postgames interviews being filmed here, but it was really impressive to actually stand here.

P1020331Simply classic

Finally, we were allowed to come to the ice level. The 21000 seats seen from there are much more impressive. I just can’t imagine what it must be like when the building is full of screaming fans.

P1020346It’s blurry, but you get the idea…

We finished the tour with a visit in one of the expensive corporate boxes. I wouldn’t mind watching a game from there!

It was just an amazing tour, and I’m glad I took it with EP, because it was much more funny that way. Hopefully I can now get my hands on tickets for a preseason game, to see the place full of habs fans. I hope to be back there soon!


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