Shit, my countdown is all messed up…

This blog is really in a sad state. I can’t even manage to go through a countdown starting at 6…

Ok, so let’s do this very quickly:


– Pfff, Grrrreg is such a lazy ass.

– Yeah, of course he just HAD to forget posting precisely the day of our number…



– Hello gentlemen, do you have any news of the owner of this blog? He hasn’t posted in 3 days, and he stopped right in the middle of a countdown. We’re very worried.

– Hmm no, Sir, sorry. I’ve heard he’s a very handsome man, but unfortunately I’ve never met him.

– Hey, psst, look at the hot chicks coming our way…



– No, no, no, no, NOOOOooo! Come on! Where are your uniforms? We’ll never be ready for his welcome parade! It’s sunday! Wake up! We are gonna look like clowns… Oh God, why did I accept to lead you?!


Posted August 21, 2009 by Grrrreg in Uncategorized

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