Summer break

Hello everyone! I’m not dead, I’m just back after one full week without any access to a computer. It wasn’t really a vacation week, but it was awesome. Probably the best week I’ve had in a few years. I’m elated, but also a little down because it’s already over, and I won’t get to see the wonderful people I met for a while.

Anyway, no computer for a full week means I had absolutely no way to know what happened in the hockey world since the draft. Right now, I’m shocked.

My team is gone. I’m not gonna lie, I pretty much hate what happened to the habs. The Gomez trade makes me want to puke. I’m ok with Gionta and Spacek (the fine devils and sabres bloggers I usually read seem to like both of them, so I think we’re good). I’m indifferent about Gill, we’ll see in a few month how I like him. I’m excited about Cammalleri, mostly because I like his name and his stats.

But what bothers me, of course, is the list of the guys we’ve lost.

I honestly don’t mind too much about Kovy. I never fully fell in love with him, even if he can be crazy good sometimes. I was prepared to see Komisarek leave, but seeing him in Toronto is gonna be very very hard. Like everyone, I’m pissed. It’s a little hard not to feel betrayed here, because he’s the one who chose not to come back, and to go to Toronto. I loved Komisarek. I mean the real Komisarek, not the one we’ve seen last year. We haven’t lost  pseudo-Komi, we’ve lost the real one, and the Leafs got him. We are gonna miss him. I liked Higgins too, and it’s sad to see him leave, especially to play for the Rangers. (By the way Chris, when you’re traded to another team, saying it’s a “dream come true” is not exactly nice to your former fans. I hated this comment, even if I know you’re from NY) It’s crazy to think Komi and Higgins were thought to be the future of the Habs only a few  months ago. I would have liked to see Tanguay back. He’s a good winger, and I think he had a pretty good season, in spite of his injuries. But I can live with the decision to let him go, especially because I like the explanation given by Gainey (he doesn’t have the best profile to play with the new guys).

I’m sad to see Schneider, Lang, Bouillon, and Kostopoulos go. Those guys have a great attitude, and they all contributed in their own way. This is the kind of players I really get attached to. I still hope they will re-sign Kosto for cheap, but it doesn’t really look likely. Their loss may not be crucial for the team, but for me it’s like watching a sitcom, and seeing half the supporting cast leave the show in a single episode. It’s tough, and it definitely changes the identity of the group.

But of course, the biggest thing is Saku Koivu. Right now, this is the hardest blow for me. I’m really mad at Gainey for this. I don’t even need to write anything about what Saku means for Montreal (on and off the ice). He deserved better than that. I’m puzzled to see some fans demonstrating to get Kovalev back, while the only true leader of this team is leaving like this. I’m really bitter about this, and it will take a while for me to accept this. For me, Saku IS the habs. I wasn’t following them before he arrived, so he’s the only captain I’ve watched. He will be missed a lot on this blog. Now I’m praying he won’t end up playing for a team I hate. That would really be too much.

It will take me some time to get used to this new team, and to eventually love it. I don’t feel this is my team anymore, and right now I’m not really looking forward to see the new habs. I know I’ll probably be hooked in october, though… :)


I’ve said it before, but the blog is now in full summer mode. I’m not planning to write a lot here until 2009-2010 approaches. I have a lot to do, and I’m really not thinking about hockey these days. My current mixed feelings about the habs are the perfect excuse to take some time off. I don’t want to think about this or to write about it now. I want this place to be mostly silly and fun, and right now I’m bitter and not very interested in my team, so it’s better to make a little break.

Or let’s call this a good vacation instead! See you soon, I’ll send you some postcards!

One of my favorite movies ever: Les vacances de M. Hulot


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