I should have done this a bit earlier, but it’s not too late: here are the final results of your favorite playoffs predictions contest:

For the last round:

It was 15 points if you guessed Pittsburgh, and 5 more points if you said it would go to 7 games. Here is what we predicted:

Patty: Pittsburgh in 6

Pookie: Detroit in 6

Shan: Detroit in 7

EP: Pittsburgh in 7

Grrrreg: Detroit in 7

So, here are the scores for the final round:

Grrrreg, Shan and Pookie scored a magnificent 0 points. Patty scored 15 points, and EP beat us all with 20 points.

There was also a 10 points bonus if someone had continously picked the future Stanley Cup champion. Patty is the only one who did that, so she gets 10 points. Congrats!

At the beginning of this thing, I also asked you  3 bonus questions (for 4 points each):

  1. Who will win the Conn Smythe Trophy? Answer: Malkin
  2. How many goals are gonna be scored in the cup clinching game (OT included)? Answer: 3
  3. What color will be the psychedelic suit worn by Don Cherry for “Coach’s Corner” during the first game of the Finals? Answer: black (and white)

cherry final

Here are the results for this: We all completely failed, and recorded a wonderful collective score of zero…

Soooooo, it’s time for my super computer to compile all of those scores, and to come up with the FINAL STANDINGS…


Go ahead, computer!

*makes all sorts of mechanical sounds, buzzes, smokes, beeps*

*prints a huge results sheet*

Thanks, computer!

5th place:  Shan, with 40 points. After a strong start in the first round, Shan completely choked and didn’t record a single point in the last 3 rounds. It sounds a little like the habs (well, they didn’t exactly have a great first round either actually…)

4th place: EP, with 67 points. After a shaky start, EP leapfrogged Shan thanks to a great finish. Bravo! (Although I’m sure she would have preferred to be wrong on that final prediction)

3rd place: Pookie with 74 points. A very solid contest, and a well deserved spot on the podium…

And now, roll drum…

2nd place: Grrrreg with 87 points. The red wings completely failed me, after 3 very promising rounds (and widespread suspicions that I rigged the contest). Which brings us to…

Your 2009 predictions champ: Patty with 88 points! Wow, what a finish… Patty was dead last after one round, but she completely turned things around, and she beat everyone thanks to her constant faith in the Penguins. Brilliant!

It is my pleasure to give Patty her well deserved crown of laurels, and her trophy:


You can now engrave your name on it.

Thank you all for playing! It was fun to organize, and I hope we can do it again next season (so that I can finally get that freaking plastic star that Patty stole me…) Now it’s truly the off season!


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