Contest update

I should have done that a few days ago: here is an update on the prediction contest.

Round 3 results:

A correct prediction was worth 10 points, with 5 more points for the series lenght.

EP: Chicago in 7, Pittsburgh in 6. Round 3: 10pts. Total: 47

Pookie: Detroit in 4, Pittsburgh in 6. Round 3: 20pts. Total: 74

Patty: Chicago in 7, Pittsburgh in 6. Round 3: 10pts. Total: 63

Grrrreg: Detroit in 5, Pittsburgh in 7. Round 3: 25pts. Total: 87

Shan: no predictions for round 3. Total: 40

Oh yeah, it sure looks like I’m about to get my name engraved on that plastic trophy!


Aaand, here are the Stanley Cup Final predictions:

Patty: Pittsburgh in 6

Pookie: Detroit in 6

Shan: Detroit in 7

EP: Pittsburgh in 7

Grrrreg: Detroit in 7

And finally, we now have the answer to the bonus question about Don Cherry’s suit colour for Game 1 of the Final:

cherry final

I expected something a little crazier. Black and white it is.

Again, thanks for participating!

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