Totally random, but awesome

This post will make no sense. But it’s better than thinking about the elimination of the Blackhawks and the prospect of yet another Detroit cup, or -ugh- a Pittsburgh cup.

Anyway. I just read a very cool post written by Wrap Around Curl at Puck the Media, about goal songs. I agree with pretty much everything she said there. And I wanted to comment that I thought the Saint Louis Blues old school goal song (they play “When the Saints Go Marching In” with the organ after their goals) was a great tradition. And then I decided to check on youtube if they still did it. And I somehow found this little gem…

Wow. An ocarina made with an egg.

But it gets better. I soon found myself dragged into a world of awesome Japanese (I think) people playing insane vegetable instruments. Like carrot ocarinas, cucumber trumpets, radish slide whistles, and cabbage slide flutes.


Right now I don’t have time to recap the prediction contest results for the conference finals. Hopefully, I’ll write about it tomorrow. But don’t forget to send me your last prediction before the beginning of the Finals. Oh, and don’t forget to watch the color of Don Cherry’s jacket during game 1 of the Finals, that was one of the random bonus questions (and I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch the game myself, so it would be cool if at least someone saw it!)


I’m just going to leave you with my favorite vegetable instrument video. I think I could watch this for hours. The fact that he turned this into a little family activity only makes it better. It’s just the coolest thing ever. And I’m not saying this in a sarcastic way.


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